Omar Announces Release of New Book Called ‘This Is What America Looks Like’


Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN-05) announced Tuesday that her memoir, “This Is What America Looks Like,” goes on sale this week.

Omar reportedly received an initial commission of up to $250,000 for writing the book, which was published by Dey Street Books, an imprint of HarperCollins.

“I’m excited to announce my memoir, This Is What America Looks Like. A multidimensional story of my hopes, aspirations, disappointments, failures, successes, sacrifices, surprises, and unshakable faith in the promise of America,” Omar wrote on Twitter.

A description of the book describes Omar as a “beacon of positivity in dark times” who has “maintained her signature grace, wit and love of country.”

“Similarly, in chronicling her remarkable personal journey, Ilhan is both lyrical and unsentimental, and her irrepressible spirit, patriotism, friendship and faith are visible on every page,” HarperCollins says of the book.

Alessandra Bastagli, executive editor of Dey Street Books, said in an interview last year that the book would touch on “everything we keep hearing from the current administration and the right-wing media about refugees, immigrants, Muslims and women.”

“This memoir presents an urgent and important counter-narrative. As an immigrant myself, I’m not just thrilled to be working with Rep. Omar, I am determined to ensure her story has the broad impact it deserves,” she said.

Omar worked with Rebecca Paley, a bestselling coauthor of several memoirs, on writing the book.

Another book released this week chronicles Omar and the “progressive-Islamist takeover of the Democratic Party.” Written by Benjamin Weingarten, a senior editor at The Federalist, “American Ingrate” exposes Omar’s “radical and revolutionary Left-Islamist agenda, her seminal role in the progressive takeover of the Democratic Party, and the dire threat she poses to U.S. national security by way of her collusion with subversive anti-American forces.”

“This is a clarion wakeup call to the dangers epitomized by Rep. Omar,” states a description of the book. “For she is not merely a lone radical in Congress, but the archetype of the new Democratic Party—and a uniquely dangerous figure at the heart of a uniquely dangerous challenge to America.”

Weingarten said on Twitter that the thesis of his book is “being borne out in real time.”

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