Klobuchar Says Husband Is Recovering from Coronavirus, Slams Trump for Response


Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) said her husband is now recovering from home after testing positive for the coronavirus.

Klobuchar revealed last week that her husband, John Bessler, was hospitalized after he “started coughing up blood” and later tested positive for COVID-19.

“He’s doing a little better. He finally turned the corner. I think a lot of people have it worse than we did in that he got out of the hospital. He had a temperature over 100 degrees for over 10 days and then he ended up going in after he was coughing up blood for a test and X-rays. They checked him into the hospital right away and said he had pneumonia and he was on oxygen for four to five days and then somehow turned the corner,” Klobuchar said on CNN Friday.

The Minnesota senator said her husband is in self-quarantine in their Washington, D.C. apartment and noted that his doctors “don’t know when he won’t be contagious.”

“So I’m going to go wave to him outside the window and I’m staying at my colleague’s apartment, Sen. Smith, because I can’t go there,” she said.

Klobuchar then turned her attention to President Donald Trump, who has been criticizing some Democratic governors for their response to the pandemic.

“I want the president to lead and not spend a quarter of his press conferences blaming other people and going after governors. Of course, I wish that he had planned ahead when this started happening in China in terms of getting those tests in massive amounts ready to go,” said Klobuchar.

“As for the equipment for people in the hospitals, he just has to do everything to lead. This is a national pandemic, this is a global pandemic. This is a time when leaders lead instead of blaming the governors who are basically on the front lines trying to do their best every single day,” she added.

Klobuchar’s home state of Minnesota had 441 confirmed cases of COVID-19 as of Saturday. According to the Department of Health, the state has experienced five deaths and 57 hospitalizations. A total of 16,129 individuals have been tested for the virus.

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