Twitter Suspended Account for Steve Bannon Show Critical of Chinese Communist Party

Steve Bannon


Twitter suspended and then reinstated without explanation the account for “War Room: Pandemic,” a radio program founded by Steve Bannon and one of the first shows in the country to warn about the dangers of COVID-19.

The show is highly critical of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its handling of the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, the suspension of its Twitter account came just days after Bannon hosted a special two-hour show on life under the CCP.

“During Passover season and while we commemorate Holy Saturday, the CCP is suppressing, silencing, and torturing the decent, hard-working people of China. Now, the coronavirus pandemic, for which the CCP is fully responsible, has exposed the party’s evils to the entire world,” Bannon said of the special program, which aired Saturday.

The show’s Twitter account was then suspended for several hours Monday morning and the hosts weren’t provided with any explanation as to why.

“If the CCP has that much impact on Jack Dorsey’s team and their decisions they should come out and say so outright. That’s the only explanation. We don’t promote fake news or conspiracy theories. We simply point the fingers of responsibility squarely at the Chinese Communist Party,” a spokesperson for the show said in a statement.

Jason Miller, senior communications advisor for the 2016 Trump campaign and co-host of the show, said Twitter’s suppression of “pro-democracy, anti-CCP voices has become a joke.”

“‘War Room: Pandemic’ was months ahead of the mainstream media in covering the coronavirus pandemic and the CCP’s cover-up that cost us tens of thousands of American lives. So which team are you on, Jack?” Miller told The Tennessee Star.

The account was then reinstated by Monday afternoon after Twitter faced intense backlash from conservative voices.

“We’re back. But we do have one question. What would have caused Twitter and their CCP buddies to want to stop our factual calling out of Xi and his WHO running dogs?” the program said on Twitter.

According to a spokesperson, the show consistently ranks within the top podcasts in the United States and is even subtitled in Mandarin and “blasted through China’s firewalls into mainland China later on each day.”

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