Revival with Miracles Breaks Out in Spot Where George Floyd Died in Police Custody


Christian media outlets report a revival filled with miracles has been happening in the spot where George Floyd died in the custody of the Minneapolis Police Department.

CBN News reports salvations, baptisms, worship and healings are taking place. The movement began with Dr. Charles Karuku and Pastor Lindsey Karuku of International Outreach Church, CBN News said. They told CBN’s The Prayer Link that they felt a call from God.

“I was on a 40-day fast that ended the day after George Floyd was killed,” Dr. Charles said. “When we started the fast, the Lord told us that, on the day of Pentecost, He would do a big thing. We did not know what it would be, so we kept praying and fasting. The day we ended the fast, the riots broke out.”
“We knew on the day of Pentecost, we needed to be on that ground where George Floyd was killed and proclaim the name of Jesus Christ and bring a message of unity,” he added.

Evangelist Sean Feucht posted a YouTube video of a large worship service and rally at the George Floyd Memorial Site, where the street was renamed George Floyd Avenue.

In the video, people of many races talk and hug, and baptisms take place.

Joshua Lindquist with Global Revival Harvest has been present during the revival, The Christian Post reported.

In a broadcast from Wednesday night, Lindquist explained that they were invited into the community by a local church and noted the presence of Pastor Charles Karuku of International Outreach Church, a growing multi-racial congregation in Burnsville, Minnesota, who he said was asked by Floyd’s family to spread the message of healing and forgiveness in the community.

“This pastor who is preaching right now, his name is Charles Karuku and George Floyd’s family asked him to come here and share his message of forgiveness and healing through Jesus every day he can. They endorsed him. They said, ‘please, this is the message the community needs,’” he said.

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Jason M. Reynolds has more than 20 years’ experience as a journalist at outlets of all sizes.
Photo “People Praying” by Sean Feucht.





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