GOP Challenger Kendall Qualls Has More Cash on Hand Than Congressman Dean Philips

by Judah Torgerud


Kendall Qualls, a Republican Candidate for US Congress, has more campaign funds on hand than his opponent, incumbent Dean Phillips.

Qualls, who is running to represent MN’s 3rd Congressional District, has nearly $500,000 on hand, while Democrat incumbent Phillips is still $250,000 in debt from his previous campaign.

“I have no doubt that as the campaign progresses, we will see Dean Phillips spend whatever he feels necessary from his personal fortune to try to stay competitive in the race. Dean Phillips claims he wants money out of politics, unless that money is his own.

Qualls has $446,125 on hand, over $15,000 more than Rep. Phillips, and has cited grassroots support for his show of strength and support.

“I am honored that thousands of Minnesotans have invested in our message of providing strong leadership in challenging times, economic revitalization, and offering an unwavering vision of hope for the future, because America is an exceptional place full of exceptional people.”This comes shortly after Tyler Kistner, another Republican candidate for Congress, outraised his Democrat opponent Angie Craig, showing a large amount of support for a previously unelected candidate.

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Photo “Kendall Qualls” by Kendall Qualls.




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