Governor Walz Will Extend COVID-19 Peacetime Emergency Again


Governor Walz announced in a press release Friday that he will extend Minnesota’s COVID-19 Peacetime Emergency again by 30 days. The state’s peacetime emergency first went into effect March 13 – this is the fifth extension to date.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented and rapidly evolving, and we can’t let our guard down,” stated Walz.

In the upcoming special session, the legislature has the power to terminate this peacetime emergency, since it extends well beyond 30 days. Though it is unclear at this time whether they will exercise this power, the Minnesota House tweeted that the session would be “a very quick in and out.”

While the governor’s press release explained these states of emergency enable governments to respond to immediate, “rapidly evolving threats,” Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan attributed future unknowns as the biggest factor for their decision.

“The emergency is not over. As the upcoming fall brings new unknowns in the COVID-19 pandemic, we are committed to acting quickly to keep Minnesotans healthy, safe, and informed during this public health crisis.”

This will mark the third special session of the year. The first initially intended to focus on pandemic-related issues, but discussions quickly derailed and grew divisive following Walz’s insistence that police reform measures be discussed. That first session’s gridlock necessitated last month’s special session, which ended with the passage of certain police reform legislation.

This pending extension of the peacetime emergency follows Walz’s recent executive orders for all citizens to wear face coverings in public. This means that Minnesotans would have to adhere to the mask mandate for another 30 days upon the legislature’s decision, at least.

Current coronavirus numbers for Minnesota are 60,101 confirmed cases and 1,648 deaths – approximately 1,245 deaths were from cases in long-term care or assisted living facilities.

The special legislative session will commence next August 12 at noon.

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Corinne Murdock is a reporter at The Minnesota Sun and the Star News Network. Follow her latest on Twitter, or email tips to [email protected].







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One Thought to “Governor Walz Will Extend COVID-19 Peacetime Emergency Again”

  1. Matt Carlson

    Based on the evidence presented, we should
    • open the schools
    • Provide HCQ- zinc to all adult staff that interact with the kids, Including everybody from bus drivers to the teachers, office administration, janitorial, everybody.
    The information is mounting, snowballing, avalanching, pick your favorite euphemism- that this therapeutic combination Is not only extremely effective at arresting the progression Of any and all symptoms if used in early onset of this disease, but has been safely used prophylactically to prevent the disease from even Getting a foothold in your system.
    The early reports of negative effects of this treatment were later shown to be false, and this therapy Is for all intents and purposes completely safe.
    So if you can be prescribed a perfectly safe, cheap, generic combination of medication that essentially prevents a pathogen that you likely will come in contact with from developing and spreading within your body and making you sick, doesn’t that more or less qualify as a ‘vaccine’?
    You will or probably have come in contact already in some unknown manner, be it touching the doorknob, handling your grocery store purchases that somebody else touched before you put it into your cart, walking through somebody’s breath cloud indoors or out, let your imagination run wild. If you have this virus and have no symptoms, you would never know.
    For years and years we have all, or most, dutifully gone out and gotten the flu shot. Some people can not have a flu shot for whatever reaction they may have. I usually get a flu shot every year. Not out of some altruistic desire for my community as much as to not be laid out for days by actually having the flu. Same thing here, if I can take an overwhelmingly safe therapeutic treatment that might significantly increase my chances of not dying and inoculate my body from turning into a virus factory Spewing infected breath all over my environment, infecting my loved ones, putting my community at risk, to me that sounds like a good deal.