Ohio Football Mom Tased and Arrested for Not Wearing Mask at a Game


Alecia Kitts drove an hour and a half from Marietta to Logan, Ohio to watch her son’s football game.

In the first quarter she was approached by an officer from the Logan Police Department because she was not wearing a mask.

The video below shows the three-minute encounter between Kitts and the officer.

According to Tiffany Kennedy, the woman who shot the above video, Kitts had not been warned for not wearing a mask prior to the officer approaching her.  Kennedy also said that Kitts has asthma and that’s why she was not wearing a mask.

“There is no reason to tase someone and arrest them for not wearing a mask,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy also pointed out the female officer who is shown running toward the Logan officer and Kitts at the end of the video was not wearing a mask – pulling one out of her pocket as she was in pursuit.

“Alecia’s mom said that when the officer tased her, the current went through the bleachers and zapped the kid sitting there too.”

Kitts appears to be socially distanced from others in the crowd and sitting with her family. “There were only 25 or 30 fans from our town on our side,” said Kennedy.

The Logan Police Department declined comment and sent an inquiry to Captain Ryan Gabriel. The Ohio Star left a message with Captain Gabriel and will report back after making contact.

Alecia Kitts was contacted but had not returned comment before press time.

Sources indicate that Kitts was charged with criminal trespass and released on her own recognizance.

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Jack Windsor is Managing Editor and an Investigative Reporter at The Ohio Star. Windsor is also an Investigative Reporter at WMFD-TV. Follow Jack on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected].




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108 Thoughts to “Ohio Football Mom Tased and Arrested for Not Wearing Mask at a Game”

  1. k.sommer

    Well,problem with this picture is NOBODY should be wearing a mask! Folks need to educate themselves and learn that this mask mandate has NOTHING to do with our safety or health. It is a method by which the deep state can predict their chance of success to usurp and steal power. It tells them exactly how many folks are ignorant and willing to surrender their rights. It informs them to push forward with their corrupt plan for a one world order run by the bankers and the 1% wealthy elites, that already control every media outlet and democrat governor, as well as CDC, WHO, MD medicine and vaccine industry. If nobody wore their mask they would question whether they should pull out and wait. Remember….THEY ARE FEW AND WE ARE MANY. Evil will prevail if good folks follow along and do not resist. WAKE UP FOLKS!!!

  2. Bee Smartt

    She should have just complied with the law and listened to law enforcement.

  3. Believe in the mask

    The law on the Ohio State website says:
    Most every person in Ohio will be required to wear a mask in public spaces, including the insides of stores, workplaces and in outdoor settings where social distancing is not possible.

    People are exempt if they are under the age of 10, have disabilities that prevent them from putting on or taking off a mask on their own, or if they are communicating with a person who has disabilities that might prevent them from understanding through a mask.

  4. Rhonda Ashley

    Fauci did not keep his mask on at ballgame

  5. Cookie

    Oh well… Don’t resist!! Back the blue!! All she had to do was put on the masks.

  6. Nicole

    I’ve watch the 2 videos. In her back pocket she had a mask hanging out. I know with our football you have to have one on before entering the game when buying or handing your ticket to come in. So who was doing that job? Who was taking tickets at the gate and not catch her having one on? Again I see what looks like a mask in her back right pocket.

  7. Sean Williams

    I Love It! Go Robo Cop! ❤✊🏿

  8. TheCat

    The entitled Trumpette idiot insisted she didn’t have to wear a mask because “asthma”. That is no excuse for not wearing a mask. If the patient is in status asthmaticus they are getting treatment in the ambulance, urgent care, or ER, or are at home doing a nebulizer treatment. Masks do not affect O2 or CO2 levels -in fact you could wear 6 masks and not have O2 or CO2 levels affected.

    Meanwhile the idiot making commentary believes it’s ok for the idiot to expose people in her area to a dangerous disease, while breaking the mask law. Yes, people can, and should be arrested for breaking public safety law, just like that maskhole would be arrested for driving without lights at night into oncoming traffic.

  9. Jojo

    Hey she has asthma you stupid f***. And she was social distancing.. Oh my bad were you talking about the rent a cop taxing innocent children and some delayed officer chick running as putting on a mask to abuse her “authority”. Lady charged with criminal trespassing?? Where in the actual hell is this lady trespassing?? We’re the other 20-30 folks charged as well for criminal trespassing?? Don’t be a dick dude. Look at the reality and facts of the matter first.

    1. Charles

      Shut your dumb racist ass up. She doesn’t get to make the rules. She had to have on a mask. End of story. Y’all privileged ass white folks think y’all above the law. If she doesn’t want to comply with the mask ordinance then she needs to stay at home or go to jail like she did. If she has asthma then her dumb ass shld be in the house instead of putting herself at risk. Either way, it’s a mask mandate and you follow it or go to jail.

  10. Scheryl Adams

    I thought America was the land of the free? Logan, Ohio gestapo tazing someone for not wearing a mask. Absolutely ridiculous! Hope her lawsuit bankrupts the city!

    1. Ya momma

      What is your dumb ass even talking abt? There are rules that have to be followed you dumb racist fuck

  11. Joe Road

    The rent a cop won’t get in trouble because of the legal caste system created by the civil rights act. Two things she wasn’t burning the flag or rioting. He’s black she’s a white woman no problem here!

  12. Scott

    Of course you can be trespassed for being on public property. People are trespassed all the time from public stores, dining establishments and yes, schools. She was arrested because she had conditons not to be there. Not for the absence of a mask. Stop drinking the media kool aid BS.

  13. GI Joe

    Respect is earned, not given.

  14. Mike Pittaro

    I’ll make this simple for everyone:

    Mandatory masks violate the First Amendment right to speech, assembly, and especially association and mandatory masks violate a person’s constitutional right to liberty and to make decisions about their own health and bodily integrity. … After all, we do not have a constitutional right to infect others.”Jul 22, 2020

  15. CountessY

    I’m missing something here. Cheerleader with no mask, other spectator and kids with no mask, cop with no mask…what happened to single that particular woman out? The whole scenario is ridiculous. When will we be forced to wear patches or arm bands…or else?!?

  16. Bill Rice, Jr.

    I’ve made 3 or 4 Comments in the Comments Section. They showed up briefly and are now deleted? What’s up? Hopefully, the Comments Editor isn’t censoring comments.

    1. Brutus Antifederlest

      Because they :
      Do not fit the narrative
      Show intelligent thought
      Deal with Facts

      Mine are gone too


  17. Kris

    That’s not breaking the law. There are people with certain health conditions that are exempt from the mask requirement.

  18. Wendell

    What amazes me is how WEAK this officer is, he is TRYING and yes TRYING to arrest a woman half his size. He struggled it seems during the whole arrest to wrestle with her and with her having a breathing problem according to the article and he had his mask down during this time, had to resort to taking her to get her to comply. Seems to me she should be wearing the badge she is obviously tougher than he is.

  19. Bill Rice, Jr.

    There’s not another fan besides her family members who is within 5 yards of her. She’s OUTSIDE. And nobody seems to be sitting in front of her. She is sitting only with her family – who she must spend 10 hours a day with wearing NO mask. So the only people she could have theoretically “infected” is people she would have already infected months or weeks or days ago.

    Once she got bailed out of jail, presumably she could go to a restaurant, sit just as close to the same family – take off her mask – and be “legal.”

    If this is now my country, I say you can have my country.

  20. Bill Rice, Jr.

    I’d say there are now two distinct groups of Americans – Those who think this is appropriate and support this action …. and those who are aghast and filled with distaste for what is happening here in “the land of the free.”

    So far in the comment section, it seems that the number of people who applaud this action is larger than I would have thought. Well, one day they might be coming for you – or your child or neighbor.

    … I’m actually surprised this hasn’t been picked up by more national sites yet (or maybe not so surprised). Kudos to the lady who filmed this and gave it to this newspaper … and kudos to the for publishing this.

  21. Wendell Hogan

    I’m 6’2 and 275 lbs. I bet he would not have handled the situation the same with somebody like myself as he did with her. I assure you diplomacy would have and should have been the first avenue taken. And the guy running up in the lavender shirt was obviously the tattle tale. He looked tempted to help the officer a few times. Unbelievable

  22. Lynn Elliott

    I have asthma and I wear a mask, so does everyone I know who has asthma. That’s just a Karen drama queen excuse. She deserved what she got.

  23. Laura Jane

    I have asthma, and I wear a mask anytime I go where there is a mandate to do so. I also wear one anytime I’m not able to social distance. It makes it not quite as easy to breathe, but I wear one to protect myself and others. If I feel short of breath, I loosen the mask from my nose, take a couple of breaths, place it back over my nose, and I’m fine. I don’t think asthma is a reason not to wear a mask. However, when outside and social distancing, I think it’s ridiculous to have to wear a mask. On the other hand, the police clearly acted inappropriately from what I read. I didn’t see the video. It didn’t show up on my feed.

  24. Melissa Dykes

    Weather it’s wrong to arrest her or not. She needs to comply!! Isn’t that what we’re supposed to teach our children.

  25. Jeff Poole

    This girl was outside enjoying the game. She shouldn’t need to wear a mask. I hope that rent-a-cop gets his ass fired. He doesn’t even know how to handle a taser. I hope they sue the pants off him.

  26. Michelle Steeves

    This is Tyranny!!

  27. Carol Putman

    A person with asthma would not have enough breath to wrestle around or continually scream. I hate masks n I have breathing problems because of CHF but if it’s required I wear it. I won’t fight or argue.

  28. Wolf

    Yes she could have been arrested for trespass only after being informed she was tresspassing, and officer cannot solicitate a tresspass, so who informed her.
    You s are not required to give medicine proof of your condition, she may be able to tell scream, what ever and still have asthma. You are anybody else has no idea of her condition I would suspect she was not having an asthma attack at that particular moment, and if she was the mask would make it more difficult to breath, point is she has a reason that excluded her from wearing one, and was only charged with trespass later, she will now have a civil suit against the school and police.

  29. Renee

    Comply like a heard of cattle?..lol
    This is absolutely rediculous she is outside she was 6 feet away from people and watching her child play ball.
    How far are they going to go? Wear a mask..no church…no worship…no festivals ..soon they will be coming in our homes and taking our bibles..our children because we dont “comply”
    Wake up people

  30. Mark

    Criminal trespass? That is what that rent-a-cop will be charged with along with kidnapping, unlawful arrest/detention, etc. If that was school property, it falls under federal jurisdiction under Title IX rules. Unlawful executive orders are not lawful orders and are null and void. Constitutional freedoms were abridged! Use a Constitutional lawyer to fight this in a Title III federal court.

  31. Joe blow

    Hey, don’t break the law and you will be fine……..

    1. Ashley

      It’s not a freaking law, genius, it’s a mandate. They are two completely different things!

    2. Alfar Kynwulf

      Laws come from legislature. When did the legislature pass such a law?

    3. PAUL G

      Hey don’t make laws that infringe upon a person’s God given rights and we will be fine… Your name fits you Joe

    4. ValMH

      It isn’t a law…it’s a recommendation/mandate which,nin many states, recognizes the fact that some people can not tolerate masks due to medical conditions.

    5. Bill Rice, Jr.

      You say “the law” – that’s highly questionable. I’m sure this cop was enforcing some executive order or emergency order of some mayor or the governor. I doubt seriously this “law” was passed by a majority of the House and Senate in Ohio and then “signed into law” by the governor. When governors or mayors can single-handedly impose “laws” on the population, they are really dictators. Sure, they’ll say it’s for “safety” but just about anything and everything can be labeled as “promoting safety.” Or: “national security” or: “The environment.” Take your pick. Anyway, always “follow these laws” and obey the Man.

    6. SWalker

      Hail Hitler. All rounding up the Jews were doing it legally. Being outside without a mask is not harming anyone. America was built on people that refused to comply with immoral laws. Turn off your tv. Babylon only lies to you.

    7. Chris Madder

      You need to thank God you do not suffer from asthma, after about 30 minutes of wearing a mask, most asthmatics will be having a full blown attack. So are you saying that the lady should wear the mask regardless of what it does to her physically just to keep you happy? Shame on you.

    8. Anonymous

      It’s not a law

    9. Brutus Antifederlest

      If the law was to walk around with your thumb stuck up your back side would you follow it?

      It is documented, in clinical medical studies, several years ago, that the virus will pass right through the mask. CDC Admits they do not work for viruses.

      Clinical studies prove that more bacteria are spread by those wearing a mask than by those not.

      Clinical studied prove they do indeed have an adverse affect on the person wearing them.

      Crack a book!


    10. me

      Its not the law. Never has been never will beIt’s an infringement on our constitutional rights. That entire department should be sued.

      1. me

        Oops never will be. It’s an infringement

    11. Dawn

      Hey – she has asthma and wants to see her son play ball. Guess she has to stay home for the season, that stinks! Maybe someone should volunteer to tape it for her so she can watch it at home….would you?

    12. Matthew Boswell

      Name the LAW moron. Nobody voted these requirements into effect, they are not law.

    13. Debra Anderson

      there is no mask law….

    14. Redslayer

      It’s not a law! So there’s that..

    15. Katya

      But don’t touch the damn kid. Hope this police get punished. Or whatever

    16. Jerry

      Not wearing a mask is NOT a criminal offense. There is no law that says you have to wear a mask and if there was one it would eventually be declared unconstitutional.

  32. Cindy

    This is BS. On both sides of the fence. Rent-a-cop abusing his authority. And people with asthma wouldn’t be hollering and fighting like that without having at least a mild attack. If you think you can’t breathe with asthma, imagine how you’re going to feel if you get COVID. You may never breathe again. I know lots of people who have asthma, and many of them wore masks outside long before this mess hit, because the pollen and pollution triggered their asthma.

    1. Lynny Nutt

      This comment is beyond the pale and ignorant.

    2. Snow

      Actually he’s an officer with Logan Police Department so get it right. NOT A RENT A COP.

      1. Brutus Antifederlest

        Rent a cop or no, when an illegal law is enforced the enforcer is liable.

        Why are so may lawyers defending mask cases for free?

        The mask is for conditioning.


      2. Jerry

        Was he on duty at the time or moonlighting? Regardless, what he did was totally unprofessional and smacks of racism. If he had been white and she had been black they’d have to start another riot about it.

    3. michelle magee

      Not true, some asthma is allergy related, some phyically induced, so there is that.

    4. Nick Gardner

      You don’t know anything about asthma. There’s a BIG difference between “hollaring” and bathing your own CO2.

    5. Catherine

      Very well said!!!!

    6. jeff

      You don’t know how asthma works , so keep your ill informed comment about it to yourself.

    7. Carol Leigh Gordon

      You apparently know very little about asthma. There are different triggers for asthma and not a one size fits all! I have an adult son that struggles wearing a mask especially in heat. For all you know this woman could have had an asthma attack afterwards when her adrenaline subsided. Sideline doctors should really not comment on someone’s medical conditions.

    8. MSG Liberty

      Not true on the asthma. I can work out, run, skydive, hike, and compete in mixed martial arts without having an attack. Let me eat the wrong food, get around hair spray or perfume, or wear a mask and it sets it off almost every time. I know because I am a gunsmith and masks are necessary in my work. I can only wear very specific masks and then only for a short time. Plus I’m 6’2″ 270 so there’s more of me to move around.

      Masks for Covid, outdoors, separated, are bullspit.

    9. GI Joe

      You’re so full of sh1t Doc!

  33. greg smith

    There are a few things left out of the video, LIke the women being asked to either put her mask on or leave school property. She refused to leave, and was charged with Trespassing, The statement that she was charged for not wearing a mask is false, Refuse to leave, resist arrest, play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    1. Jas Par

      “According to Tiffany Kennedy, the woman who shot the above video, Kitts had not been warned for not wearing a mask prior to the officer approaching her. Kennedy also said that Kitts has asthma and that’s why she was not wearing a mask.”

      Learn to read, Greggy.

      1. Snow

        She was asked – there’s about 5 minutes before Tiffany started recording where she was asked multiple times and was very rude and disgusting.

      2. Oliver lee

        She was warned before the game started. The warning is everyone must where a mask to be on here. The problem is not everyone taking it serious.

      3. Lee James

        That’s “according” to a very biased source. Jassy…

      4. A J Whyte

        Who gives a damn! Comply with the officers request or get tased! Hell at least she wasn’t shot! Y’all only upset cause karen ass was accosted by a BLACK POLICE OFFICER!🤣🤣😂🤷🏽‍♀️

      5. Nneka layne

        Learn to listen he said there are parts missing that she was asked and that’s what she was charged with. Statement stands play stupid games get stupid prizes. She also looked to the person video taping and said we’re in this together right how many times have we done this. Hmmmm wonder how you’d feel if they where black

    2. Roxanne Skapple

      1. Was that not a public school? How can she be trespassing on public property?
      2. Was she not social distancing, sitting outside with only her family?
      3. Mask wearing OUTSIDE is simply ridiculous, if social distancing.
      4. Were you actually there, Greg? And witnessed the entire event yourself?
      5. I’d be upset too if I was being forced to miss my son’s football game after traveling 1 and 1/2 hours to watch him play.
      6. She should not have resisted. That never is an answer…but then again civil disobedience is the only way to bring to light such draconian measures taken by the police.

    3. john

      Speaking of stupid, you didn’t read the comment about her having asthma, did you., That is why she was not wearing a mask. So I guess you want her to die wearing a mask, right…moron

      1. Joe

        Thats fucking bullshit. I have asthma and wear a fucking mask.

    4. Irunsofast

      He’s usually not like that, though I’ve been pushed around by the same fellow many years ago. Some are saying rent a cop, I see. No, he’s been the high school security officer many years.

    5. JD

      Greg’s one of them special kind of stupid

    6. PAUL

      And Greg you will be the type that lines up for the gas chamber when told to do so. Just keep being complaint with authoritarian mini-dictators.

    7. Mama Bear

      She was watching a game outside for goodness sake. She has asthma and was social distancing with her family. There is no reason she should have ever been asked to leave. If people are so concerned and put so much faith in a piece of cloth, then maybe they should be the ones who don’t attend.

    8. John Decrick

      I think Greg smith does drugs!!

  34. Brian Lochte

    I smell a giant lawsuit where is the press on this one black officer 1 white female wow

  35. Chance Ash

    I don’t understand why people don’t just comply? Don’t we respect police? #BlueLivesMatter


    1. Scott Asbjornsen

      Comply to an illegal order?

      1. Lee James

        Look up “Criminal Trespass” before calling people out. Once warned to leave, if you stay, YOU ARE TRESSPASSING. So, to you all, who is the moron now? Look in the mirror if you can’t figure it out!

      2. Bob Loblaw

        You mean, an illegal order like when they tell people they can’t peacefully protest, a constitutionally protected right? An illegal order, like when they stop a car and shoot someone for having a legally registered gun with a concealed carry permit? An illegal order, like when they interfere with and destroy the supplies of street medics? Illegal orders like that, you mean?

    2. GI Joe

      Respect is earned, not given.

    3. Saoirse

      Just comply. Oh, aren’t you special? Just obey, cattle.

      Chance Ash–try to keep up: There is NO law. There is NO law requiring masks. ALL of these “mandates” by POS governors across this country are unconstitutional. Anyone who supports this tyranny is a collaborator with evil–and as such, utterly repulsive.

    4. Michael McNeely

      Better police for a better police state. Or how about we go completely Judge Dredd and kill everyone who breaks even a minor law. You authoritarian apologists make me sick! I hope she sues and wins big!

  36. Kerry West

    Sue, Sue, Sue

  37. Mark Conboy

    What angers Me more is Not One Of Those Fellow Americans Stood Up and Actually Stepped Forward to Defend The Rights of Another American!
    There may only be Once in a Fleeting Moment in anyone’s Life that They have the Opportunity to Stand for Liberty and What is Right! They ALL knew what was Right but CHOSE Not to act! They are Cowards of The Worst Kind!

    1. SK

      100 Percent agree!!!! Not a damn one stood up for this woman! Every one there should have removed their masks and said come and get us!!! This is such BS!!! This is still a free country and these damn mask mandates are nothing more than a grab for power and control!! Look how easily these sheep just lie down and go BAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

    2. Tim

      Exactly! The other people should have come to her defense.

    3. Lee James

      Right. And YOU would have gotten someone killed.

    4. Bill Rice, Jr.

      That bothered me too. The “home of the brave” has become the home of compliant, meek sheep.

    5. Vanessa

      The same cowards stand by and watch a multitude of black men get shot for something simple like a parking ticket. At least she got a tase and not a bullet.

  38. Tom Cox

    I hope this mask thuggery costs all the thugs and their employers a great deal of money and educates them as to the limits of their power.

    1. Vanessa

      But she didn’t comply with the officer. Why is she not dead like the others?

      1. GEAH

        Why aren’t people rioting in response to the abuse?

  39. Steve Menice Sr

    I smell a mega lawsuit!!

  40. CharlaStar

    Police want our support, then they go and do unconstitutional things like this. You can’t have it both ways. Either you support your oath to defend and protect out Constitution, or you are the enemy.

    1. Dooley

      Why can’t people just follow the rules? Why do people challenge Law Enforcement? They are only doing their jobs. Over time it will come out for lessons learned, just like in war. Act like our Greatest Generation and learn from life and possible mistakes. An example is using a personal server to do Classified Business on a regular Server, Laptop for Federal Government Use. Bottom line, lessons learned from all the investigations.

    2. Saoirse

      Agree completely, CharlaStar.