More than 90 Percent of Minnesotans Lost to COVID-19 Had Underlying Health Conditions

by Anthony Gockowski


Ninety-four percent of Minnesotans who have died due to complications from COVID-19 had a significant underlying health condition.

That’s according to KSTP reporter Tom Hauser, who requested the data from the Minnesota Department of Health.

As of Oct. 21, 94% of the 2,269 Minnesotans who died from the virus had a significant underlying health condition, while just 2% (48 deaths) did not. Data was not available for 4% of deceased patients.

Among those under 60 years of age, 82% (143 deaths) had an underlying health condition, whereas 95% of those over the age of 60 had an underlying condition. When the data was released, 2,094 of the 2,269 deaths were among Minnesotans over the age of 60.

Minnesota has added 99 more deaths since Oct. 21, bringing the total number of fatalities to 2,368, which represents 1.7% of the 137,536 Minnesotans who have tested positive for COVID-19. Of those who have tested positive, 122,100 no longer needed isolation as of Tuesday.

Minnesota has tested 1,791,688 people, meaning about 7.7% (137,536) have tested positive.

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Anthony Gockowski is Editor-in-Chief of Alpha News. He previously worked as an editor for The Minnesota Sun and Campus Reform, and reported for The Daily Caller.









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