National Security Officials in Trump Admin Say They’re Being Snubbed for Jobs, Compared to ‘Hitler Youth’

by Mary Margaret Olohan


National security officials who work for President Donald Trump are being snubbed by potential future employers and compared to “Hitler Youth” days before president-elect Joe Biden will take office, Politico reported.

Seven former and current officials spoke with Politico and detailed their job search heading out of the Trump administration. A number of high ranking Trump administration officials resign over the president’s part in the storming of the United States Capitol building Wednesday.

“I’ve had conversations with people who’ve worked on the national security teams, many who are career intelligence officers, who are concerned about what happens next,” said former Homeland Security and White House official Olivia Troye. “People who are hiring see everything that’s happened and have to question your morals and ethics — especially in terms of what continues to happen today — on why you chose to work for that environment.”

One senior defense official who has been job searching for two years told Politico about a conversation with a potential employer in which they found out they were considered part of “Hitler Youth.”

“That attitude is not helpful,” the person told Politico. This official described the “Trump administration animus” that the official senses from potential employers — animus that is particularly frustrating for officials who are not “hardcore MAGA folks.”

Trove said that a potential employer told her that she was a “liability.”

“I can’t tell you how hurtful it was to hear that,” said Troye, describing the conversation as a reality check that “showed me firsthand the repercussions of trying to navigate” the Trump White House.

Former civil servant and Homeland Security official Elizabeth Neumann, who worked in counterterrorism, told Politico that she easily found a new job after resigning from the Trump administration in April but credited this to her outspoken criticism of Trump policy.

Neumann emphasized that she knew certain companies would not even consider hiring her due to her former job in the Trump administration. She noted that anyone who was associated with Trump’s controversial policies like immigration was blacklisted.

“There is absolutely an effect of a number of organizations out there trying to blacklist anybody that worked on child separation,”  Neumann told Politico.

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