Three-Day George Floyd Commemoration Planned for May


A foundation created to memorialize George Floyd has announced a three-day commemoration planned for the year anniversary of his death at the end of May.

“Over three consecutive days at the end of May, the George Floyd Memorial Foundation will host a series of events to commemorate Floyd’s death,” KMSP reported.

Beginning on May 23, there will be a rally in downtown Minneapolis “led by Floyd’s family and other families of victims who have been killed by law enforcement.”

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The next day is described as a “Virtual Day of Action,” wherein activists will be encouraged to contact local officials, and use social media to engage with the community. It is “”designed to mobilize people to get and stay involved in the fight for justice.”

The final day, May 25, will be a celebration of Floyd’s life, and a day of remembrance. That day is the one year anniversary of Floyd’s death at the hands of Derek Chauvin, a former Minneapolis Police officer who was convicted of second and third degree murder in his death.

The goal of the last day of commemoration is to “celebrate life through Black culture, art and history,” and will include unnamed “special guests” along with musical performances and a local business vendor expo.

“Our strength of the George Floyd Memorial Foundation (GFMF) is rooted in the relationship of individuals, groups, and organizations committed to amplifying George Floyd’s story through organized community outreach, targeted educational programs, intentional reform initiatives, awareness of social justice subject matter, and civil rights protection for all people of color,” the group’s website explains.

A GoFundMe for Floyd, called the “Official George Floyd Memorial Fund,” raised $14.7 million in the wake of Floyd’s death, and had more than half a million individual donations, smashing the crowdfunding website’s previous record for individual contributions.

It is unclear whether the funds from the GoFundMe were transferred to the GFMF to fund its operations.

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One Thought to “Three-Day George Floyd Commemoration Planned for May”

  1. Dia

    Commemorate a felon but it’s not them who you turn to when you are in trouble,isn’t it?
    Villains made heroes and justice turned to injustice!