Minnesota Representative Jim Hagedorn Diagnosed With Kidney Cancer Again


Minnesota Representative Jim Hagedorn (R-MN-01) announced that he has kidney cancer again after having his cancerous kidney removed. In his official statement he said, “Be assured, I will continue to fight for America and serve the people of MN01 with the highest level of energy and enthusiasm.”

Hagedorn fought cancer two years ago, after being diagnosed with Stage IV kidney cancer. He said that this second diagnosis was especially surprising considering that 14 weeks ago a scan showed that he was cancer free. He said that “even the best of recoveries” will have challenges like the one he is now facing. “Jesus Christ is watching over me.” he maintained, saying that he and his doctors have a positive outlook on the results of more treatment.

Hagedorn said that he has still been maintaining his schedule in Congress and has still been campaigning for re-election. He said, “Since initially being diagnosed with advanced kidney cancer 29 months ago, my doctors consider my response to treatment and recovery as exceptional.”

He said that he was currently getting care for his cancer at the world-renowned Mayo Clinic and that there is a new FDA-approved “cure” that he will be using to defeat cancer for the second time. His wife, the chair of the MN GOP, Jennifer Carnahan, tweeted that she “couldn’t be more proud of my husband’s fighting spirit, passion for America and love for his district.”

Hagedorn also talked about the importance of cancer screenings and detecting cancer in an early stage. He wrote, “I encourage anyone who has missed annual medical exams and cancer screenings to please make an appointment today. It could save your life.”

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