Minnesota Activist Cortez Rice Arrested in Waukesha County for Jury Tampering


Cortez Rice, a Minnesota activist who falsely claimed to be George Floyd’s nephew, is imprisoned in Waukesha County, Wisconsin for jury tampering.

The Minnesota Sun reported that Rice caused a disturbance on November 6 in the Minneapolis Loring Park neighborhood when he tried to intimidate the judge presiding over the Kim Potter trial.

As reported by The Sun, “Rice took videos of himself going to what they believed was Chu’s apartment door, saying, ‘We just got confirmation that this is her house right here. Just waiting for the gang to get up here.’”

According to Crime Watch Minneapolis, Rice was arrested in Waukesha County on a warrant from Hennepin County in Minnesota.

Rice appeared to suggest that he knew someone in the courtroom in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial when he took pictures of the jurors. Antifa Watch shared, “The reported warrant in Hennepin would suggest his involvement in tampering with a different jury there.” At this point, it is unclear which jury member he is being accused of tampering with.

Chaz Neal, a local Minnesota activist, has begun raising money for legal defense for Rice, according to tweets. Neal called Rice a “political prisoner.”

According to Neal, Rice’s bail is set at $50,000 cash and is awaiting extradition to Minnesota.

Rice also claimed to be the nephew of George Floyd, the man whose death sparked violent protests and riots across the United States. As reported by The Sun, “George Floyd’s aunt told Alpha News that Cortez Rice was sent a cease and desist letter in 2020 to make him stop claiming to be Floyd’s nephew.”

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Photo “Cortez Rice” by Cortez Rice. 






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