War Room Pandemic: Steve Bannon Talks to The Star News Network CEO and Editor in Chief, Michael Patrick Leahy About OhioHealth’s Distribution of Not Fully Approved COVID-19 Vaccine


Stephen K. Bannon welcomed The Star News Network’s CEO and Editor in Chief Michael Patrick Leahy on Thursday’s War Room: Pandemic to discuss The Ohio Star’s breaking story by Peter D’Abrasco regarding the unapproved COVID-19 vaccines being distributed by OhioHealth.

Bannon: Michael Patrick Leahy from The Ohio Star, you’ve got a blockbuster story. Tell us about what’s on The Ohio Star right now.

Leahy: Good afternoon Steve. How’s our connection here this afternoon?

Bannon: It’s perfect. Go ahead. Let her rip.

Leahy: This is a story we broke. Peter D’Abrosca wrote the story. A large Ohio hospital system has confirmed they are still distributing the Pfizer COVID-9 vaccine that is not fully approved by the FDA.

It’s surprising because the version approved by the FDA in August is a brand of a label called Comirnaty. That was approved in August. It’s slightly different. We don’t know how much different from the version that was used under the emergency use label.

That’s called the Pfizer BioNTech COVID vaccine. They are apparently legally distinct products. Now, this is relevant to Ohio specifically because in July the Ohio State Legislature passed a law, HB-244 that was signed into law by Governor DeWine.

It went into effect on October 15th. I’ll read exactly what it says. It says, “A public school or state institution of higher education shall not require an individual to receive a vaccine that a U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not granted full approval.”

In Ohio, Ohio State and Ohio University are all requiring students to be vaccinated against COVID-19. But here’s the twist. We reached out to OhioHealth, one of the largest hospital systems in Ohio and we asked them which version of the vaccine are you using?

And this is their exact response. “As of today’s stock, we are currently distributing the Pfizer vaccine that does not have the Comirnaty or is fully approved by the FDA branding label.” In other words, they are distributing the emergency use version which is legally different.

We don’t know how different it is medically. We talked to Ohio University which is one of the public institutions of higher education that is requiring mandates. We asked, which version are you using? And they said we are using the version in this area distributed by OhioHealth.

So, if you are a student at Ohio University and they tell you that you are mandated to take the vaccine you should simply ask them, are you delivering the emergency use vaccine to me or the fully approved vaccine? Because under state law you are not allowed to give me an emergency use vaccine.

Bannon: But not just that. We had Dr. Malone on all the time. We’ll have him back on tomorrow. When the emergency use authorization ran out, there was another vaccine that got approved for permanent use. Not the one they used for the EUA. I don’t know how they distributed it at all.

Leahy: Here’s the twist on it. Your Dr. Malone called it first on August 26th on your program.

Bannon: Yes. Unbelievable.

Leahy: Shortly after the full approval of this Comirnaty vaccine by Pfizer. As far as we can tell, we don’t know and Pfizer won’t tell us if they’ve distributed any of the fully approved vaccines.

So that’s a big point. What the FDA has done is display a huge lack of transparency. They have simply reissued the emergency use authorization. It’s highly unusual. They claim they can do this under the law.

But they’ve reissued it several times. The last time they reissued it was December 9th of this year. So we are very curious to find out if there are any examples of the Comirnaty fully approved vaccine being administered in Ohio for sure and perhaps other places in the country. We don’t know. Pfizer won’t respond.

Bannon: And by the way, right when you came on Michael, I just want to repeat this. I know we have so much stuff to get to today. But CDC warns Americans to not get the Johnson and Johnson shot over blood clot risk following nine deaths. The panel unanimously recommends more effective Pfizer or Moderna vaccines instead.

Unfortunately, the higher medical system to the universities that are mandating this for the students, they ain’t giving you the Pfizer one that they approved permanently. Sorry.

Leahy: We can say that with certainly for Ohio University. Ohio State University hasn’t responded to us.

Bannon: Okay, fine. I’m sure they are hiding. My point today is that this is chaos. This shows you the administration state. They are so organized and we are such rubes and they know everything. It is total and complete chaos.

And I want to see Tony Fauci up there with his J and J shot. I can’t even imagine the lawsuits that are going to come out of this.

Of course, Pharma is off the hook for lawsuits because of the federal government. Michael, how do people get to you on social media. How do they get to your amazing sites? All of them?

Leahy: We have 10 state-based conservative sites. We started with The Tennessee Star on the web at tennesseestar.com. The Ohio Star you can see at theohiostar.com We just launched The Pennsylvania Daily Star which is our 10th state-based site of The Star News Network itself. You can reach at thestarnewsnetwork.com.

Bannon: We are going to put it up on our platforms right now. Leahy, you are incredible. This story is a blockbuster. And we are going to follow up with detail on this.

Leahy: And Peter Dbarosca is the guy who wrote the story and he’s our Ohio Star guy.

Bannon: Incredible talent over there. You are doing a great job Michael Patrick Leahy.

Leahy: Thank you, Steven.

Listen to the full interview here:

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Photo “Pfizer Vaccine” by U.S. Secretary of Defense. CC BY 2.0.

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