Minnesota Attorney General Candidate Jim Schultz: ‘Minnesota Crippled by Crime, Elected Officials Failed Us’


In an exclusive interview with The Minnesota Sun, candidate for Attorney General Jim Schultz said that over the past three years, Minnesota’s elected officials have “failed us.” Schultz, a graduate from Harvard Law, said he believes Minnesota has become “crippled by crime.”

Schultz said, “I’m running for attorney general because Minnesotans deserve better from their elected leaders. Over the past 3 years, as a direct result of the actions of politicians like Keith Ellison, our state was crippled by violence and crime and people lost their livelihoods, their lives, and their communities.”

He continued, “Minnesotans deserve communities where our kids can grow up safe and where the rule of law is respected, and they deserve an attorney general who puts victims first and criminals in jail. We aren’t getting that from Keith Ellison, and that is unacceptable.”

Shultz told The Sun he is different from other Republican candidates who have thrown their hats in the ring because he’s “an outsider with a fresh perspective.” The Harvard Law graduate said it is time for new leadership.

“The other Republican candidates have either held office or have been campaigning for office for the better part of the last decade. I’m not a politician; I’ve spent my career in the private sector where the effects of lawlessness can be seen every single day. It’s time for new leadership and a fresh voice,” he said.

Schultz said the thing that needs changing the most is a prioritization of public safety.

He said, “Our elected leaders must prioritize public safety at every level of government to address the crime epidemic plaguing our communities. To protect Minnesota families and small businesses, we must move on from reckless policies like defunding the police and letting criminals walk free.”

Schultz also shared his perspective on crime with The Sun, as that is a topic concerning many voters at the polls.

“Minnesotans need elected officials who take a responsible approach to public safety. Sadly, our elected officials, especially Attorney General Keith Ellison, have failed us,” he said. “Ellison has played a leading role in the ‘Defund the Police’ movement, including advocating for the Minneapolis initiative that would have replaced the Minneapolis Police Department and removed the requirement to maintain a minimum number of officers.”

Schultz added, “If someone had told me a few years ago that the chief law enforcement officer of the state of Minnesota would one day want to get rid of police, I wouldn’t have believed them. But that’s exactly what we have today.

Schultz said if he is elected attorney general he will focus on public safety.

He said, “As attorney general, I will prioritize public safety and marshal the resources of the attorney general’s office to partner with local prosecutors, police, and community stakeholders to coordinate a comprehensive response to end the violence. I will also communicate to police officers that their work is valued, that they are supported, and that they are critical to Minnesota’s future. Together, we will begin Minnesota’s renewal.”

Schultz also addressed the sentencing of small business owner Melissa “Lisa” Hanson for violating Governor Tim Walz’s (D) COVID lockdown orders.

He said, “It is clear that [Democrat] leadership, especially Keith Ellison and Governor Walz, have taken a selective approach to enforcing their COVID restrictions. It appears that their approach is driven by partisan politics rather than fair and constitutional decision-making.”

He shared his belief that the policies unfairly benefitted “big box stores.” He said, “Big box stores were allowed to stay open, but churches and many small businesses were forced to close. Folks couldn’t get dinner with friends, but engaging in large-scale riots and looting didn’t seem to cause them much concern.”

Schultz said that if he gets elected as attorney general, his priority will be “putting violent criminals in prison” rather than “going after small business owners.”

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Photo “Jim Schultz” by Jim Schultz. 




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