Minneapolis Bagel Shop Says ‘All Are Welcome Here’ After Closing Indoor Dining Due to COVID Vaccine Mandate


Rise Bagel Co., an organic artisan bagel shop in Minneapolis made the decision to close indoor dining on Wednesday due to the COVID vaccine mandate taking effect. The bagel shop announced on social media Tuesday that it made the “tough decision” to close its indoor dining. “All are welcome here,” the local eatery said.

The post announcing the temporary indoor closure from Rise Bagel Co. read, “The City of Minneapolis’ latest executive order goes into effect tomorrow. We have made the tough decision to once again stack up our tables [and] chairs. We regret that we can’t offer you a place to dine at this time.”

The Facebook and Instagram posts were met with an outpouring of reaction, with comments from longtime and brand new customers –  several expressing outrage but far more sharing their support.

A few commenters took issue with Rise Bagel Co. “co-opting” the phrase all are welcome, saying that it’s to be used for marginalized groups only. One commenter wrote, “Appropriating ‘all are welcome’ to include anti-vaxxers is peak white liberal bulls***.”

Another commenter shared her appreciation for the bagel shop’s decision, saying that while she is fully vaccinated, it makes her a “little uneasy to show my papers when this mandate has many inconsistencies.”

Many others echoed the same sentiment, praising the shop for not going along with “segregation.”

A day after making the initial post, Rise Bagel Co. again took to social media to clarify, saying that its initial post “caused quite the stir.” The statement said that it “always have and continue to follow all COVID mandates,” but that businesses that opt to have only take-out options are “exempt from the latest mandate.”

Rise Bagel Co. was unable to be reached for comment by The Minnesota Sun.

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Photo “Rise Bagel Co Indoors” by Rise Bagel Co. 




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