Minnesota DFL Requiring Proof of Vaccination to Caucus February 1


The Minnesota Democrat Farmer-Labor (DFL) Party announced this week that it will be requiring proof of COVID vaccination during in-person precinct caucusing on February 1. DFL is offering a contactless caucus for the unvaccinated or others who are uncomfortable caucusing in person, while some entire districts will be utilizing the contactless caucus process.

“I am proud that the DFL Party has found a way to protect the health of Minnesotans while preserving our caucuses and the grassroots democracy at the heart of our party which those caucuses embody,” said DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin. “Now, everyone from seasoned advocates to Minnesotans new to politics can safely help shape the future of our movement and take the first steps to deciding which candidates our party endorses.”

According to the DFL website, “The chair or highest ranking official of a local organizing unit will be responsible for determining whether their unit’s precinct caucuses move to a contactless system or remain in-person with enhanced COVID safety measures.”

Anyone who participates in an in-person caucus event must wear “a well-fitted face mask over the mouth and nose, even while speaking,” provide proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test, and remain socially distant. Those who cannot adhere to those guidelines are given the option to fill out a Precinct Caucus Non-Attendee Form.

In some districts, the only participation option is utilizing the Precinct Caucus Non-Attendee Form which can then be dropped off at what would be the caucus location.

Members of the DFL who wish to caucus need to enter their address in to the DFL’s “Caucus Finder” to determine the location and method of caucus. District 50, which is in Hennepin County, will only be using contactless caucusing, while District 43, in Ramsey County, will be holding in-person caucusing. The determination regarding holding in-person caucus is made by the chair or highest ranking official of every DFL “local organizing unit.”

The DFL explained in a tweet that, “In most circumstances, there are enough delegate slots available to ensure everyone in a precinct who runs to be a delegate gets elected. In contactless precincts where that is not the case, delegates will be chosen by lot.”

The changes to the DFL caucus guidelines were made during a recent meeting of the DFL Party’s state executive committee.

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Hayley Feland is a reporter with The Minnesota Sun and The Wisconsin Daily Star | Star News Network. Follow Hayley on Twitter or like her Facebook page. Send news tips to [email protected].
Photo “Vaccine Card” by Marco Verch CC BY 2.0. Background Photo “MN DFL” by Minnesota DFL Party.




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