Texas ‘Kid-Friendly’ Drag Queen Grooming Event Protected by Armed ANTIFA Guards

A restaurant in Roanoke, Texas, held a controversial “kid-friendly” drag queen grooming event Sunday during which children of all ages were invited to participate in the show that featured vulgarity and partial nudity, while ANTIFA members, armed with AR-15s, protected the event.


Anderson Distillery and Grill hosted the drag queen grooming event, titled “Barrel Babes Drag Brunch,” reported Tommy Oliver at his Substack column titled Current Revolt, with photos of the event and the armed Antifa guards.

“Those in attendance seemed to be almost exclusively white women,” Oliver noted, adding:

There shouldn’t be protesters or “counter-protesters” for child grooming and sexualizing children because it should be illegal. Cities need to pass ordinances banning this. It shouldn’t be too hard as this event is sexually oriented, and sexually oriented businesses can be regulated.

The restaurant owners describe themselves on the bar’s website as “two old farts who came together for booze and food.”

The “old farts” celebrated the event on Monday in a Facebook post, in which they boasted, “We want to thank EVERYONE who showed up today to support our inaugural Barrel Babes Brunch.”

“Yes, every table was full before we officially opened,” they touted. “Yes, we reached maximum capacity and had a wait list to get inside. Yes, we ran out of food. Yes, we passed the ‘no sexual content’ inspection from the Texas Comptroller’s Office.”

Protect Texas Kids protested the event and posted this photo of “armed antifa basement dwellers protecting a children’s drag show.”

Texas Family Project urged citizens to contact the restaurant and request an age limitation on the event.

Libs of TikTok recently posted photos of similar child grooming events in Pennsylvania and North Carolina, where children have been taught to use a stripper’s pole to “pole dance.”

Texas Scorecard reported August 18 the Anderson Distillery and Grill’s announcement about the event “emphatically” noted, “All Ages Welcome,” though it appeared the restaurant owners might “risk triggering existing state law concerning sexually oriented businesses.”

According to the report, drag queen “Trisha Delish” hosted the event. “Delish” was the winner of The Queer Off, which is described as “a live 12-week elimination style competition, showcasing the talents of the queer community.”

Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar had announced a previous investigation into Dallas gay bar Mr. Misster’s “Drag the Kids to Pride” event in June, which featured provocatively dressed drag queens dancing “in front of young children, with the children stuffing dollar bills in the dancers’ underwear,” Texas Scorecard reported.

Hegar reportedly said:

Like many Texas parents, I was disturbed by the recent images showing children participating in a drag show in the Dallas area, including one image of a child placing money in a performer’s undergarment. I know this is a concerning issue for many Texans, and the images circulating are certainly inconsistent with our Texas values.

“Though my office does not typically comment on ongoing investigations, the recent public discussion surrounding this specific entity demands a response,” the comptroller added.

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Susan Berry, PhD, is national education editor at The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “Armed Antifa Members Protecting a Children’s Drag Show” by Protect Texas Kids.


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