Letter to the Editor: Message, Media, Money, and Matheny

Judd Matheny

Dear Tennessee Star,

It wasn’t until I heard an interview with the social research scientist Robert Epstein about the impact of Internet messages on political thought that I first grasped the complete gravity of this problem. Epstein’s conclusion was that moderate and conservative Republicans are the voter group most easily influenced by what they see in the media. Wow!

Each time I witness political offices being bought like auction items instead of side by side comparisons, I remember the Marshall McLuhan axiom “the medium is the message.” Consequently, if you can afford to buy enough of the medium, you can own the result of the message.

So what is the true message of a candidate for the US House of Representatives who once elected will earn a salary for 2 years at $175K, currently “loaning” their campaigns millions of dollars which they’ll earn back in after-win donations? And what common sense campaign finance law would permit a candidate to obtain a $500,000 loan at 3% simple interest from a local bank to finance such an operation?

Such is the case in the TN 6th District House race. State Representative Judd Matheny is clearly the candidate most closely aligned with the politics of the 6th District and yet his opponents, using their great personal wealth and an image they’re sold by consultants will, upon winning, receive money back in contributions and pay off that bank. Who in their right mind doesn’t believe that is corruption?


Tony G.
Hendersonville, TN








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6 Thoughts to “Letter to the Editor: Message, Media, Money, and Matheny”

  1. Arnold Tayes

    Judd should have worked instead of living off politics and donors. Is it wrong to work hard and produce a successful business? Judd needs to get a job!

    1. Willie Smith

      What makes you think Judd doesn’t work? I’ve known him for many years, and yes, he’s worked hard for everything he has. He did NOT get it through politics or donors.

  2. Laurale Curtsinger

    This is a link to the side by side comparison of the TN06 Candidates. The difference is clear.


    1. Arnold Tayes

      Poll: Rose 60%
      Corlew 30%
      Judd. 10%

      1. Willie Smith

        That’s ludicrous, especially sine Rose refused to participate in ALL FOUR of the debates.

      2. Noah M

        Matheny: 100%
        Rose: 0%
        Corlew: 0%
        I can make up polls too!