Bob Corker Subverts President Trump Yet Again: Says Order to Reunite Immigrant Families Not ‘Realistic’

Bob Corker

U.S. Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) told “Face the Nation” that the immigration policy that separated families was done in a “ready, fire, aim way,” and insinuated that Republicans who are concerned about illegal immigration hate others.

The Tennessee Republican appeared on the CBS show Sunday. The host asked him if the U.S. committed a “human rights violation.” The senator deflected the question and said, “It obviously is not something that’s realistic. It’s not something that appreciates these young children. It certainly was done in a ready, aim, fire way, obviously.”

Corker said President Trump signing an executive order to reunite families “led to another crisis” due to the 20-day limit on how long children may be detained with their parents while they are prosecuted.

He accused “some” in the administration of using the issue “as a force to activate the base for elections, but obviously the president realized that was a mistake, and now it’s up to us in Congress to work with them to come up with a longer-term solution.”

Corker raps his party

Corker was asked about “American values” and a CBS News poll result: Those who enter the nation illegally should be punished as an example of toughness, 21 percent of Democrats agreeing, vs. 73 percent of Republicans; or treated well as an example of kindness, 79 percent of Democrats agreeing vs. 27 percent of Republicans.

Corker responded that he’s “never been part of a group that hated someone for wishing something better for their life.”

“Maybe they have a little different color of their skin and they speak differently — I just have never hated someone who traveled through tough conditions to try to come to a place where they could realize their dreams,” he said. “I’m just not part of that group that wants to punish.”

Commentator: Most children were unaccompanied

Tennessee Star Political Editor Steve Gill questions whether the senator realizes that reuniting most of these children would mean deporting them.

“It is beyond bizarre for Bob Corker to seemingly desire that children of those who have intentionally, and in many cases repeatedly, committed illegal acts be sent to adult detention facilities or jails,” Gill said. “Though the fact that many of the so called children appear to be near or over 18 years of age might make it appropriate in some cases.

“What is even more strange is Corker’s lack of concern about reuniting many of these children that he is supposedly concerned about with adults who may have no family relationship with them and who, in many cases, appear to be engaging in human trafficking with the children as their victims rather than their loved ones. Most people don’t think that a pimp has a family relationship with those he uses in the sex trade, but perhaps Senator Corker sees family differently than the rest of us.

“According to DHS Secretary Nielsen, about 10,000 of the 12,000 children in custody were unaccompanied, sent here alone by their parents. So, the only way to reunite them with their families is to deport them home. Is that Corker’s plan?”

Overlooked fact

The senator did not mention that Trump’s executive order directed the Attorney General to take the necessary legal steps to address the root cause of the problem, which was a consent decrees in a 1997 immigration case, as the Tennessee Star reported. “The Attorney General shall promptly file a request with the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California to modify the Settlement Agreement in Flores v. Sessions, CV 85-4544 (“Flores settlement”), in a manner that would permit the Secretary, under present resource constraints, to detain alien families together throughout the pendency of criminal proceedings for improper entry or any removal or other immigration proceedings,” stated the Order.





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13 Thoughts to “Bob Corker Subverts President Trump Yet Again: Says Order to Reunite Immigrant Families Not ‘Realistic’”

  1. Brian McMurphy

    He’ll be discarded like the little snot rag he is once out of office.

    He parrots leftwing smears. Nobody “hates” immigrants wanting a better life you lying PoS. We hate people violating and disrespecting our laws. Some of which are agents of some of deadliest cartels in the world.

    He has to stand on a stack of phonebooks to bite Trump’s ankles.

    Can’t wait until I never have to hear his name again and he can go back to coveting his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

  2. Silence D.

    We need a vote of confidence recall mechanism for elected officials. So that LIARS like Corker can be brought home in disgrace and dismissed from their jobs.

  3. Bruce

    Why have we not recalled this idiot yet?

  4. lb

    This stunning lack of selfawareness and tone deafness from Liddle Bobby is amazing to me. For him to be defending CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIENS and attacking PDT who is ONLY enforcing current LAW is embarrassing–does he really think he influences anyone about anything? Sheesh—talk about a Liddle Man Complex ego on steriods

  5. ron stone

    Myself and other conservatives listened to Corker and Alexander when they lied and ran their campaigns as being conservative. The truth was there if you researched it but we listened to words and not actions. Corkers stance is obvious since he’s come out and Alexander, who I was beginning to think didn’t know how to talk, has started to back Corker on positions conservatives don’t agree with. Why Corker doesn’t lose or step down from his chairmanship and Alexander doesn’t submit to electroshock is a mystery.

  6. Randall

    At least the children weren’t aborted.

  7. Wolf Woman

    The little man shows a lack of concern about the safety of the citizens of the the U.S. and specifically, the people of Tennessee who he’s supposed to represent. Your hypocritical self-righteous sickens me.

    I will never forget the pregnant woman walking on the sidewalk on Church Street in Nashville who was run over and killed by a car driven by an illegal alien. Or Kate Steinle murdered in California. And the other crimes illegals committed too numerous to mention here. Corker, I blame you and other like-minded politicians for these deaths.

  8. Ned T.

    Pathetic and bitter RINO.

  9. Jim Forsythe

    Corker need to go quietly into the night! He is just taking up space that could be filled by a real Republican who supports our President.

  10. ron stone

    Reading the news I am continually amazed at the people voting for Maxine Waters. Then I reflect that I voted for Corker. My sincerest apologies.

  11. Bill

    Tattoo (corker) was just spotted at the border hollering da plane! da plane ! As it was landing to pick up his children from fantasy island and take them home. What a short little guy.

  12. 83ragtop50

    The only thing “not realistic” about Bobby’s comments is Bobby’s comments. I really think a screw has come loose in his mind. Or is he just being spiteful to we Tennesseans because we find his politics repulsive?

  13. Erik

    Just think, we could have had Ed Bryant and avoided this nonsense.