Former Personal Sniper for Trudeau Heads Truckers’ Freedom Convoy Security as Movement Spreads Globally

Daniel Bulford


The former Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) personal security detail for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is now head of Freedom Convoy security for the truckers whose anti-mandate protest is growing beyond Ottawa, into more Canadian cities, and across the globe as well.

Corporal Daniel Bulford, who was resigned from the force after refusing to take a mandatory COVID vaccine, said during a press conference Saturday some in the media and on social media platforms have been attempting to smear the truckers, associating them with “agitators” who have been arrested for property damage and an assault.

“My primary concern is with individuals or groups with potential to deliberately instigate conflict with the Freedom Convoy Movement in order to discredit the Freedom Convoy 2022,” Bulford said, adding:

I have it on very reliable information that people from the movement were not associated, and that the offenses related to property damage, and just an assault this morning, committed by agitators, were witnessed and reported by a trucker and one of our volunteer security personnel, which was reported to the police.

In November, Bulford spoke out against the government-imposed mandates, asserting that Canadian civil liberties and freedoms are protected by the Canadian Constitution.

Bulford’s comments come as Ottawa has become a central global focus of the stand against government-imposed pandemic mandates. The truckers’ movement has spread to other Canadian cities and, now, to other countries, as American Wire News (AW) reported Monday:

Even as Ottawa police seize the Freedom Convoy’s fuel in an attempt to force them to disband, convoys are rolling from Europe to Australia and beyond, in what must surely be the largest truly grassroots, global movement of our time.

Truckers are hitting the road in the Netherlands, where, according to the government’s website, digital vaccine certificates, required for travel, are, as of Feb. 1, good for just 270 days “after you received the final dose of your primary vaccination.”

New Zealand and Australia Truckers for Freedom have also begun rolling, according to the report.

American truckers are planning to head to Washington, D.C. but have been undermined by Facebook, which removed the groups’ “Convoy to D.C. 2022” page.

Brian Brase, the D.C. Convoy’s co-organizer, said a report at Fox News Digital that a Facebook (Meta) spokesperson stated the group was booted from the platform “for repeatedly violating our policies around QAnon” was “just not true.”

“We’re having trucker companies from all over the country calling us drivers,” Brase said. “The sheer volume of response – I’m going to say we’ll be just as big as Canada if not larger.”

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Susan Berry, PhD is national education editor at The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Daniel Bulford” by mounties4freedom.


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