Off the Record: Randy Boyd’s Globalist Jobs Philosophy: Export Manufacturing – Import Refugees and Cheap Labor

Randy Boyd

One of Randy Boyd’s latest radio ads has him recounting all the lessons he learned about hard work when he started working at a very young age in his father’s factory for $1.00 per hour and then how he later paid his way through college working tirelessly at an injection molding machine.

The details of him operating the heavy factory machinery while studying his college textbooks and completing homework was recounted in the same article in which Boyd declared himself to be a political MODERATE.

Child labor laws? OSHA?

No matter, it made Randy Boyd the worker he is today and if it was good enough for him, it should be good enough for anyone working in a factory setting. You know, like the assembly-line workers in those Chinese factories where some of Boyd’s products are being manufactured.

Wonder if he ever peeks under the covers there? One would hope so especially after the not-so-good exposure by the New York-based China Labor Watch just a few years ago about the “deplorable working conditions” in ten Chinese factories where Apple high tech products were being made.

But Boyd the mega-millionaire knows that the bottom line comes first. Unlike his father’s Tennessee factory whose products were “proudly made in the USA,” Boyd the son, has very little confidence in the Tennessee factory worker and like he said when he decided to off-shore the manufacturing of his products to China, it was “a move that improved our product quality, prices, and reliability.”

And because Boyd the UT Knoxville alumnus had absolutely no reason to believe that product research and development could ever come out of his alma mater, he handed that plum to Chinese workers as well.

But for an undisclosed “naming gift” to UTK the Haslam College of Business now has the Boyd Center for Business and Economic Research which “conducts research on economic analysis and policy considerations on taxation, health care, education, workforce needs, capital investments and welfare.”

After you stop shaking your head in disbelief or laughing at the multitude of ironies in all of this, how about the Boyd Venture Fund for Student Entrepreneurs? The application essay probably goes something like, “explain why globalist icons like Randy Boyd actually help their communities by moving their capital investments overseas instead of making an investment in Tennessee factory workers.”

Don’t forget, La Raza Randy professes to the “big tent” idea of entrepreneurs which is why his $250,000 in the La Raza affiliate Conexion Americas kitchen might even help illegal aliens launch their own food businesses. Larga vida la cocina! (that’s Spanish for long live the kitchen).

It will never matter how much money Boyd spends trying to erase his never-Trumpness – because anyone with half a brain knows that actions speak louder than words – even if you spend millions on those words.

Trump has set a course to revive “made in the USA,” incentivize reshoring companies and has prioritized the needs of American workers. Not so with Boyd who put it down on paper early on that he wasn’t going to invest his capital in Tennessee’s manufacturing potential because the quick buck, the one that went right into Boyd’s pocket, was going to come from sales and buying up other companies.

How Boyd made his personal wealth is very much entwined with the GLOBALISTs in the Republican party who are working overtime to undermine Trump’s economic nationalist agenda. Boyd threw his globalist self in with the Partnership for a New American Economy – the big-business-cheap-labor lobby that wants amnesty and in-state tuition for illegals and sustained, even increased, refugee resettlement to make sure that there’s a steady supply of workers-who-don’t-speak-English-and-have-no-work-skills to keep Tyson Foods shifts running around the clock.

Boyd’s photo-op company hand-outs and donated dog parks fall way short of “teaching the man to fish for himself” – an opportunity Tennesseans living in those distressed counties Randy is all about lifting up, would probably have appreciated. Not to worry though, Tyson Foods is only a phone call away.










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6 Thoughts to “Off the Record: Randy Boyd’s Globalist Jobs Philosophy: Export Manufacturing – Import Refugees and Cheap Labor”

  1. Ron W

    Thanks Tennessee Star. This information helps me in my process of elimination of candidates for Governor. I would like to know which candidates have read the Tennessee Constitution, particularly the Declaration of Rights and whether they will obey the wording thereof as their oath of office demands.

    1. Ralph

      Agreed. There was a recent local candidate who was a self-proclaimed atheist – even though the Tennessee Constitution specifically forbids any elected official from holding office unless they believe in some system of future rewards and punishments.

  2. Ralph

    Kudos to the TN Star for continuing to expose Mr. Boyd’s hypocrisy – now how about a little bit of digging on Rep. Black and her establishment, big government voting record (whenever it pleases her to show up that is), the deceptiveness in her campaign claims, and the vindictiveness against those who bring such matters to light.

    1. Robert Williams

      Yes thinks the update on Boyd. I have been trying to do research on him now I can mark him and Black off my list.


  3. Baskerville

    Well I don’t think Diane Black was fair to Lou Ann Zelnick.

  4. Dave Vance

    Randy Boyd CEO of La Raza International Import/ Export Corporation . Imports illegals and exports American jobs and is a Never Trumper Haslamite to boot! Bad for America, bad for Tennessee!