State of New Jersey Subsidizes Local News, While Tennessee Star Thrives in Free Market

Steve Gill

During Friday’s Gill Report, broadcast live on WETR 92.3 FM in Knoxville, Steve Gill contemplated the decline of the main stream news outfits and New Jersey’s new found attempt at a tax payer funded media.

“Unless you’ve been living in a cave somewhere, you probably have noticed that the main stream media is well, running down the tubes,” said Gill; noting, “Newspapers are closing, advertising revenue is down, we’re hearing more and more about how folks are being laid off at newspapers and you’re seeing newspapers go out of business.”

He continued:

“Although I will tell you, The Tennessee Star is thriving, and if you do things the right way, there are still plenty of opportunities in media. But rather than do things the right way, you’ve got the main stream media that is still devoted to promoting their personal political agenda of the left rather than actually dispensing the news and being fair and balanced and providing actual facts to folks to inform them rather than inflame them and encourage them to just be propagandized from the left.

The Tennessee Star is doing fine, and we’re continuing to grow and expand because we’re filling a need that the main stream media has abandoned.

Well in New Jersey they’ve come up with an idea to try to save their media in that state. They put together a tax payer funded five million dollar subsidiary for a university-led consortium that is focused on how they can get the news locally in the way they want it.

That’s right – it’s going to be another left-wing effort funded with our tax dollars. You’ve already got NPR, you’ve got public radio, how many conservatives do you hear on public radio? Yes, they do it with our tax dollars because they can’t make a go of it when they have to compete in the marketplace.

Well in New Jersey they are going to do it with literally state-run media. Now they are going to have a thirteen-member board, a staff of four to oversee the non-profit program that will help put grants in the helping the collaboration of news between media and the community and of course the liberal ‘corrupt-a-crats’ in New Jersey. And with that many people stirring the pot, how good will the work be?

Again, you’ve got NPR, PBS, other government-funded news outfits that have to operate with a subsidy because they can’t compete. New Jersey is not going to provide that subsidy at the local level. Your tax dollars at work.

Why do we have to subsidize art? We don’t subsidize art that is competitive. We always subsidize the art that artists couldn’t sell, if the government wasn’t paying for it.

Same thing is going to be true with their version – of the news.”

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