Gender Identity Athletics Rule ‘Literally Impossible’ to Follow, Encourages Sex Changes: Critics

The Biden administration’s proposal to ban schools from “categorically” excluding males from female sports teams would not only dissuade girls from athletic competition but inevitably spur more children to start puberty blockers and socially transition to a new gender identity, according to radical feminists who oppose gender ideology.

The Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF) joined right-of-center organizations in urging supporters to file comments supporting the preservation of female-only competition in the Department of Education’s Title IX notice of proposed rulemaking on “sex-related eligibility criteria.” More than 130,000 comments had been filed as of Monday afternoon, the last day to submit.

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Majority of Americans Oppose Male Athletes Competing in Female Sports, Puberty Blockers for Minors: Poll

A majority of Americans oppose male athletes competing in female sports and giving puberty blockers to children, a new YouGov survey revealed.

The survey, sponsored by The Economist, polled 1,500 Americans on a variety of public policy issues, including several transgenderism topics. The questions polled respondents on their opinions of transgender athletes competing on sports teams, permitting minors to access puberty blockers, parental rights and drag shows.

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28 Congressional Democrats Sign Letter Demanding Department Of Education Allow Biological Males in Girls’ Sports

Twenty-eight congressional Democrats signed a letter Wednesday condemning the Department of Education for ruling that public schools that allow biological males who identify as transgender to play girls’ sports are violating Title IX civil rights legislation.

Democratic Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal joined 27 House Democrats in signing the letter, which charged that the department’s order “discriminates against transgender youth” by restricting girls’ sports to biological females.

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