Biden Pledges to Hike Taxes to Bush Administration Levels

President-elect Joe Biden in a Wednesday interview said “there’s no reason why” his administration shouldn’t raise both corporate and individual income taxes to levels maintained during former president George Bush’s administration.

Biden insisted “everybody pairs their fair share” in taxes during his presidency, and suggested a nearly 40% rate for those in the top bracket, which he said was commonplace during the Bush era, in an interview with the New York Times.

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Over 100 Former Staffers Under Bush 43, McCain and Romney Endorse Biden for President

Over 100 former staffers for former President George W. Bush, the late Sen. John McCain and Sen. Mitt Romney endorsed Democratic nominee Joe Biden for president Thursday, Politico reported.

“What unites us now is a deep conviction that four more years of a Trump presidency will morally bankrupt this country, irreparably damage our democracy, and permanently transform the Republican party into a toxic personality cult,” Romney Alumni for Biden said in an open letter.

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Flashback: Keith Ellison Suggested Bush’s Response to 9/11 Resembled Hitler’s Rise to Power

Keith Ellison

Minnesota candidate for attorney general Keith Ellison once compared the 9/11 attacks to the Reichstag Fire in Nazi Germany, which helped propel Adolf Hitler to power. “9/11 is this juggernaut event in American history. And it’s almost like, you know, the Reichstag Fire. It kind of reminds me of that,”…

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