Minnesota Teachers’ Union Makes It Easier for Members to Resign

  Education Minnesota, the state’s most powerful teachers’ union, recently announced that it has expanded its “dues revocation window” from seven days to 30 days. “The revocation window is the period of time when a current member may revoke their authorization to have union dues deducted from their paycheck,” Education…

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Minnesota Woman Becomes First in the Nation to Successfully Challenge Union’s ‘Window Period’ Scheme

A Brainerd public official has become the first in the nation to successfully challenge her union’s “window period” scheme in the aftermath of the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark Janus v. AFSCME decision. Sandra Anderson, a clerk for the City of Brainerd Police Department, filed suit against the International Brotherhood of…

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Buckeye Institute Files Its Third Lawsuit Calling for End to Compelled Union Representation for Public Employees

Robert Alt

The Buckeye Institute filed its third lawsuit and corresponding preliminary injunction in Maine calling for an immediate end to laws that force public-sector employees who have refused to join a union to accept forced union representation. The think tank said it had previously filed lawsuits in federal district courts in…

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