Former President Trump Calls on All Republican Lawmakers to Ban Critical Race Theory

Former President Trump urged Republicans “at every level” throughout the county to ban the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT) education.

“Republicans at every level should move to immediately ban critical race theory in schools, and we should ban it in workplaces, we should ban it in our states, and we should ban in the federal government. And it should be done immediately,” Trump said while speaking at the North Carolina Republican Party state convention.

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New Social Media Platform Rescues Donald Trump Interview after Facebook Removes It

Trump Interview

When Facebook and Instagram threatened to impose “additional limitations” on Lara Trump for posting her interview with her father-in-law, the former president, she didn’t back down.

The Fox News contributor and former producer for Inside Edition jumped ship for an alternative platform that only left beta testing in November.

Lara Trump’s podcast “The Right View” debuted on Clouthub soon after Facebook and Instagram removed her Donald Trump interview, Clouthub CEO Jeff Brain told Just the News.

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EXCLUSIVE Lara Trump Commentary: President Trump Kept His Promises in 2018

by Lara Trump   With 2018 now in the history books, it’s worth reflecting on the incredible progress America has made in the past year as a result of the many promises President Donald Trump has fulfilled. The economy, for instance, is booming again for the first time in almost…

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EXCLUSIVE Lara Trump Commentary: Minnesota, America Needs You to Send a Message to Democrats

by Lara Trump   Minnesota has the opportunity to send a loud, strong message to the Washington, D.C. political class, more than probably any other state in the union. Minnesotans are the quintessential “deplorables.” After favoring Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, the state’s two most competitive congressional districts voted…

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Radinovich Campaign Manager Quits With Just Weeks To Go

Democrat Joe Radinovich’s campaign manager quit Wednesday after polls showed his Republican opponent leading by 15 points. As The Minnesota Sun reported Wednesday, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee canceled $1.2 million in ads in Radinovich’s district, and diverted those funds to other Democratic candidates across Minnesota. On top of that,…

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