Your Flight’s Seat-Back Screen May Be Watching You

Now there is one more place where cameras could be watching you — from 30,000 feet. Newer seat-back entertainment systems on some airplanes operated by American Airlines and Singapore Airlines have cameras, and it’s likely they are also on planes used by other carriers. American and Singapore both said Friday…

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New Documentary Shows Viewers the Power of Tech Giants

by Ryan McMaken   The Creepy Line, a new documentary by director M.A. Taylor, is now streaming at Amazon Prime. It provides an interesting and revealing look at how Google and Facebook influence their users’ view of the world, and how the users we often presume to be the customers…

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Facebook Is Implementing Chinese-Like Social Media ‘Trustworthiness Rating’

Facebook privacy concerns

by Kyle Perisic   Facebook is rating its users on a scale from zero to one to predict if they’re “trustworthy” – a system similar to one China is using on its citizens. The numbers are not meant to be absolute, however, the social media giant will not tell its…

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JC Bowman Commentary: Exposed in a Technological Age


An old and wise saying challenges us to: “Believe nothing you hear, half of what you read, and some of what you see.”  It is critical to examine issues from all angles, rejecting gossip, mistruths, bias or information not supported or misinterpreted.  Put what you see or read into proper context to make sure what you think you are seeing is factual. 

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NSA Tripled The Amount Of Surveillance It Conducted In 2017

by Eric Lieberman   The National Security Agency (NSA) tripled its collection of Americans’ phone call and text message records in 2017, according to U.S. intelligence agency report published Friday. The federal surveillance agency gathered 534 million records in 2017, a 151 million increase from 2016. The government “has not altered the…

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