Bill Lee Wants to Reduce Student Testing, While Karl Dean Thinks Current Levels Are Just Fine

Bill Lee

The battle lines over common sense in public education have been drawn in the gubernatorial battle between Republican Bill Lee and Democrat Karl Dean, and Round One goes to Bill Lee. Lee, the outsider business executive, wants to reduce the current level of student testing while Dean, the former Mayor…

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Mark West Commentary: The Election Is Over. Did We Learn Anything?

by Mark West Another campaign season has gladly come to an end. The nastiness from opponents is behind us. The dissension between “friends” will hopefully end. But if the election affirms anything, it’s that politics is short-term. Politics is temporal. And feuding over a candidate, particularly amongst friends, is one…

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Chinese Spy Worked Almost 20 Years for Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein

Diane Feinstein, Chuck Schumer

A Chinese spy worked for Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) for almost 20 years, KPIX in San Francisco reported on Wednesday. The shocking revelation is of significant relevance to the U.S. Senate race in Tennessee between Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN-07), the Republican nominee, and former Gov. Phil Bredesen, the Democrat nominee,…

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Trump’s Top Aides Make Push to Drastically Cut Refugee Numbers

by Hanna Bogorowski Several top officials in President Donald Trump’s administration are making a push to drastically reduce the number of immigrants coming legally and illegally into the United States, as well as significantly lowering the cap of refugees admitted. The administration ultimately settled on a 45,000 cap for refugees…

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Sean Hannity Hammers CNN’s Jim Acosta As ‘The King of Lies’

by Nick Givas Fox News host Sean Hannity attacked CNN’s Jim Acosta Thursday and called the White House correspondent “the king of lies.” Hannity said the American people have grown tired of the “bias” and “lying” within the press and view their anti-Trump bias as destructive to the nation. “But…

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Clueless in Seattle: Smug City Throws Money After Streetcar and Bike Fiasco That’s Totally Off the Rails

By Printus LeBlanc Once again, the oh-so progressive, oh-so enlightened Seattle City Council is showing the rest of the country what not to do. The idealistic leftists who control the Council are wasting millions of hard-earned taxpayer dollars in failed attempts to solve problems Council members created – and spending…

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Commentary: Democrat Hypocrisy and Fear Mongering on 3D Printed Guns

Phil Bredesen, Chuck Schumer

by George Rasley After a multiyear legal battle, the federal government last month entered into a settlement with Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson, permitting him to publish his arsenal of firearm blueprints online. Deanna Paul, writing for The Washington Post, reports Wilson intended to do so on Aug. 1, when…

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Here’s Why An Eco-Terrorist Group Says It Can’t Be Sued For Sabotaging Pipeline

by Chris White An eco-terrorist group that frequently instructs activists how to sabotage energy projects is arguing one of the companies behind the Dakota Access Pipeline cannot sue it because the loose-nit group is not an entity. Attorneys for Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) argued in court Wednesday that Earth First!…

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