Same DFL Staffer Who Called for Murder of Republicans Faces Backlash for Labeling New Navy Ship ‘Murder Boat’


A DFL staffer who once called for sending Republicans “to the guillotines” faced backlash over the weekend for calling the new USS Minneapolis-St. Paul a “murder boat.”

William Davis, a research director and deputy communications director for the DFL, made the comments in response to the christening of the USS Minneapolis-St. Paul in Marinette, Wisconsin on Saturday.

“But actually, I think it’s gross they’re using the name of our fine cities for a murder boat,” said Davis, who later deleted the tweet.

Republican State Rep. Nick Zerwas (R-Elk River) called for Davis’ termination in response to the comment.

“I call on the Minnesota House DFL, Minnesota DFL and Gov. Tim Walz to denounce (and fire him) this ridiculous post from a paid staff member of their party,” Zerwas wrote on Twitter. “This is a disgusting insult to our brave men and women whom [sic] serve in US Navy to protect all of us.”

House Assistant Minority Leader Jim Nash (R-Waconia) said on Twitter that he’s a “Navy dad and this seems to indicate that Mr. Davis thinks my son is a murderer.”

“I was at the launch and noticed that there was only one DFLer there and he was not from Minneapolis or St. Paul. Do all House and Senate DFL feel this way too?” Nash continued.

Dave Thul, a Minnesota-based Iraq war veteran and former GOP activist, noted that the “construction of the USS Minneapolis-St. Paul began in 2010, under a Democrat president, with funding authorized in 2009 by a Democrat controlled House and Senate.”

“Unbelievable that a DFL Party staffer would insult the US military in this way,” Thul added.

Davis later deleted the tweet and said he has “nothing but respect for all the soldiers of our country, including the Navy which my Grandpa and five uncles served.”

“It should go without saying that I was talking about a weapon of war that we continue pumping billions of dollars and manpower into,” he said.

“After a lot of consideration, some thoughtful offline discussion with Dave Thul, and because of the respect I have for his service and his concerns, I’ve taken the tweet down. I have never wavered in my deep respect and appreciation for the sacrifices of our soldiers, past and present,” he added.

As The Minnesota Sun reported in October 2018, Davis was temporarily suspended by the DFL after he called on fellow Democrats to bring Republicans “to the guillotines.”

Minnesota Republican Party Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan released a statement Monday addressing Davis’ comment.

“Our men and women in uniform dedicate their lives to serve this great nation, give every day to defend the freedom and liberties of all Americans, and it is disappointing for anyone to minimize that. For anyone to refer to our military’s action as ‘murder’ is abhorrent—especially when that someone is a mouthpiece for the Minnesota DFL,” Carnahan said.

“Last cycle, the same deputy communications director of the DFL was suspended due to a social media post about sending Republicans to the guillotines, and now for the second time in less than a year, the DFL’s integrity is being questioned due to unacceptable and unnecessary activity on social media,” she added.

Rep. Betty McCollum (D-MN-04) spoke at the launch of the USS Minneapolis-St. Paul, saying on Twitter that the “ship bearing this name will carry on a proud naval tradition around the world.”

Stunning footage of the ship’s christening can be watched below:

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  1. […] As The Minnesota Sun reported Monday, DFL Deputy Communications Director William Davis wrote on Twitter that he thought it was “gross” that the U.S. Navy was “using the name of our fine cities for a murder boat.” […]