Another Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party Official Reprimanded for Anti-Military Comments


A DFL official has resigned after writing a “reprehensible tweet” directed at Rep. Tom Emmer’s (R-MN-06) son, who recently completed basic training to become a U.S. Marine.

“Can’t wait to hear about all the Iranian civilians he murdered after you and the GOP finish the garbage kabuki theatre false flags and invade Iran,” Laine Scheuble wrote on Twitter in response to a post from Emmer congratulating his son.

Scheuble was later identified as an elected director for the DFL’s Sixth Congressional District committee.

“I have been allowed the privilege to serve as a director to the DFL party of MN CD6; I will do my best by serving as a progressive North Star, both able to debunk ‘centrist’ positions and provide well-framed populist alternatives,” Scheuble wrote on Twitter in May of this year.

On Friday, the DFL released a statement on Twitter saying it was “investigating whether he is affiliated with local party units in any way.”

“The author of the tweet in question is not and has never been a staffer of the Minnesota DFL,” the party said. “Regardless, he is not a spokesperson for the DFL and the reprehensible tweet he sent does not reflect our values in any way. The Minnesota DFL will always support the men and women of our armed forces and our veterans.”

Later Friday evening, The Star Tribune reported that Scheuble resigned from his position, according to DFL spokesman Brian Evans.

As The Minnesota Sun reported last week, DFL staffer William Davis was removed from his role as deputy communications director after calling the new USS Minneapolis-St. Paul a “murder boat.” Gov. Tim Walz, who served in the military, said he was “totally appalled” by the comment and called on the DFL to “take appropriate response.”

Davis apologized for the tweet and deleted his Twitter account, but still serves as a research director for the DFL.

“Days after a Minnesota DFL staffer was reprimanded for calling the USS Minneapolis-St. Paul a ‘murder boat,’ a CD6 DFL officer has taken a page out of his playbook,” the Minnesota Republican Party said on Twitter. “It should be more surprising that Minnesota Democrats are willing to bash our nation’s military and associate our soldiers with murderers. But, following a mere slap on the wrist to the DFL staffer for saying the same, it seems other military hating Democrats feel emboldened.”

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Image “Laine Scheuble” by Laine Scheuble,” and “Billy Emmer” by Rep. Tom Emmer.







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