State Senator Mark Green Posts Petition to Urge Governor Haslam Not to Veto Anti-Sanctuary Cities Bill

Governor Bill Haslam and State Senator Mark Green

State Senator Mark Green (R-Clarksville) launched a petition Friday to urge outgoing Governor Bill Haslam not to veto his anti-sanctuary cities bill. The bill is widely supported by both Tennesseans and legislators, passing the Senate 27-5 and the House 64-23 – and under Tennessee statue, a bill may pass into law without the Governor’s signature after a period of 10 days (excluding Sundays).

“Enforcing our laws and protecting our citizens should not be controversial. I’m asking all Tennesseans to stand with me and call on our Governor to sign this bill that protects our citizens,” noted Senator Green in a statement.

SB 2332 adds teeth to existing sanctuary cities laws by prohibiting local governments that enact sanctuary cities from receiving future economic development grants from the state. It also expands the definition of an illegal sanctuary city policy to verbal directives and other means, not just written policies.

The bill appears to be serving as a kind of litmus test for many candidates as they seek to earn the support of Republican primary voters, the overwhelming majority of whom soundly reject so-called sanctuary city policies.

As The Tennessee Star reported, Rep. Diane Black was the first candidate to urge Governor Haslam – who she hopes to replace – to sign the measure.

“The voters of Tennessee want our leaders in Nashville to get tough on illegal immigration,” Black said in a statement released by her campaign.

“Sanctuary cities have no place in our state, and Governor Haslam should sign the anti-sanctuary cities legislation passed by the General Assembly – the duly elected representatives of the people of Tennessee. It is a common-sense bill that supports law enforcement and prohibits local governments from rewarding illegal immigration. It needs to become a common-sense law,” Black concluded.

Meanwhile, the remaining four Republican candidates for governor have different positions on the issue.

Speaker of the House Beth Harwell (R-Nashville) voted for and supported the bill in the Tennessee House of Representatives. Sources tell The Star that she has threatened to call for a special session of the Tennessee General in the event Gov. Haslam chooses to veto the bill.

Haslam has remained non-committal, though he has been under intense pressure from far left activist groups to veto it.

Williamson County businessman Bill Lee has said “as governor I would sign the bill,” though he has not specifically called on Gov. Haslam to sign it.

There is no indication to date that Knoxville businessman Randy Boyd has taken a specific position on whether Gov. Haslam should sign or veto the bill, although the former Tennessee Economic Development Commissioner has recently released an ad denouncing illegal immigration and sanctuary cities.






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8 Thoughts to “State Senator Mark Green Posts Petition to Urge Governor Haslam Not to Veto Anti-Sanctuary Cities Bill”

  1. Random Boobert

    Any TN politician who would veto this bill needs to be vetoed the next time they run for office.

  2. Hannah Tiblier

    Boyd is spending a lot of money on these fancy commercials trying to convince us he’s tough on immigration. However, his donation of a quarter million dollars to LaRaza shows us where his ideology stands

  3. Dee

    I agree—anyone but Boyd or Harwell!!! However, Beth has been planning to be governor for a long, long time, and has her henchmen well distributed throughout the state.

    1. All Hail

      Haslam is a moral and ethical coward who likely will allow the bill to become law without his signature. The only reason he won’t outright veto the bill is he knows the statutes of limitations haven’t run on all his corrupt and criminal activities.

      Boyd and Harwell will split the Establishment, pro-open borders vote, which is small as it is. Boyd is trying through non-stop television commercials to lie and obfuscate his pro-illegal alien history, but people largely know he’s a fraud.

  4. Having been in the committee rooms during the arduous process of getting this bill passed through the different committees, I can tell you that it was NOT embraced by leadership. ,,,,not until it became a media story and the public became aware of the issue.
    There were a number of real heroes that would not quit: Jay Reedy, the sponsor, Bobbie Patray, Mary Littleton who saved it in State Gov Sub, and later a number of members of House Finance Ways and Means when Chairman Sargent gaveled it dead; Gary Hicks was instrumental.
    Our Tennessee Legislative Report Card has been following this bill from the beginning. The powers-that-be did not want this controversy and that is why anything meaningful gets waylaid if at all possible.

  5. Jim Forsythe

    Only a fool would support Sanctuary Cities. It is time for Americans to stand up to this invasion of our country by illegals.

  6. Stuart I. Anderson

    Oh yes, Bill Lee is already looking to see where the tall grass is located as he takes his first interest in politics at the same time as he runs for governor – nice. Then again, if you’re looking for a conservative profile in courage you best not look to Beth Harwell I’m afraid. I guess that leaves Diane, be still my foolish conservative heart! You decide my fellow conservatives, as you can see it really doesn’t make that much of a difference so long as it’s ANYBODY BUT BOYD!