Keith Ellison Accuser Alleges Widespread Pattern of ‘Abuse and Bullying’

Keith Ellison accuser Karen Monahan claimed Friday that she has received several “confidential messages” regarding other acts of “abuse and bullying” committed by Ellison since coming forward with her allegations.

“Every single one has told me to protect my family from Keith [and] his people. There is so much fear that keep[s] others from speaking out,” Monahan wrote on Twitter Friday afternoon.

Monahan also revisited a story from 2005 when Amy Alexander, the first woman to accuse Ellison of domestic abuse, spoke out. Unlike Monahan, Alexander has no presence online, and has been difficult to track down.

In a 2006 article for The Wright County Republican, Alexander claimed that she moved to New York for five years because she felt “exiled” from “black community activism.” That publication is now defunct, and the article can only be accessed via an archived copy uploaded to Scribd.

Some, like Monahan, claim that Alexander “disappeared out of the country.” Monahan claims that Alexander was recently “found by a reporter,” but she said “she feared” for her family’s “safety,” and “didn’t want to speak on the record.”

At the center of Alexander’s allegation is a 2005 record of a 911 call, which states that an “Ellison/Keith/BM/41” was reported for assaulting a woman. As The Minnesota Sun previously reported, Ellison was born in 1963, which means he was 41 in May 2005 when the 911 call was made.

Additionally, while the name of the caller has been redacted from the report, Alexander allegedly lived at the address listed on the record. The Minnesota Sun made numerous efforts to confirm the authenticity of the 911 report with the Minneapolis Police Department, but multiple officials said they were unable to do so because of “its age.”

“It has the look of a computer-aided dispatch system that 911 used prior to 2007. We don’t have access to those old records to verify its authenticity,” Casper Hill, media relations coordinator with the City of Minneapolis Communications Department, told The Minnesota Sun in October.

“I’ve checked around on this. Due to its age, we cannot confirm its authenticity,” he added. When asked if this means all records from before 2007 are unverifiable, Hill simply stated that they “can’t access records from that time.”

Minneapolis Police Department Public Information Officer John Elder also stated that they “changed softwares completely some time ago and nothing carried forward.”

“I would imagine that the retention of data is the standard seven years. We would be long past that at this time,” he said.

The Wright County Republican claimed at the time of its report that no local media outlets wanted to speak with Alexander, and she has made virtually no public comments since her lone 2006 article in a now obsolete publication. In November, Monahan similarly claimed that she was “leaving town” because of “threats toward me and my son.”

On Friday, Monahan revealed that she was told “by several” that “during his law practice,” Ellison would “claim to ‘help’ vulnerable women and then after the affair, discredit them as crazy or broken.”

Ellison will be sworn in as the next attorney general of Minnesota in the coming days.

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