Biden-Appointed U.S. Attorney Plays Race Card in Expletive Filled Rant


A recently-confirmed U.S. Attorney who has been praised for her commitment to fixing the “injustices” in the criminal justice system launched into an expletive laden rant when approached by reporters.

Wednesday, Rachael Rollins was confirmed by the U.S. Senate to be the U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts. She was appointed by President Joe Biden.

Thursday morning, a video surfaced of her berating a reporter and playing the race card when that reporter requested an interview.

Emerging from a vehicle in a parking lot, Rollins looked at the WFXT camera crew with disgust. She immediately objected to the crew being there, saying that the crew was putting her life in danger by filming her house. Her house never appeared in the frame.

Here’s what she said:

“And you’re gonna put this on here Yeah, so as a black woman, in this moment in this country, you’re going to put my f*cking house on the screen? Get away from my family. Speak to me at my job. If I get hurt or harmed because of this, you are on the record for that… or my kids are f*cking killed? Who do you think you are? This is private property. Get out of here. And you know what I’ll do? I’ll call the police and make an allegation, and we’ll see how that works with you. So the rantings of a white woman get you here and scare my children? Get off of our private property. And I swear to God, I’m dead serious, I will find your name. You can ask me somewhere else. Do not have a camera in front of my house.”

A member of the Boston Police Department then arrived, and ushered the reporter and crew away from Rollins, as Rollins threatened to have them arrested.

“My children are gonna be hurt!” Rollins screamed as the crew walked away. “Get away from my house. I’m serious.”

Rollins was confirmed after Vice President Kamala Harris broke a 50-50 party-line vote in the Senate.

Massachusetts’ top attorney is known for her social justice advocacy.

“She is really, really committed to ensuring that the criminal justice system works for all. And she’s also very committed to correcting injustices within that criminal justice system,” Carmen Ortiz, the former U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts, reportedly said.

She often refused to prosecute “lower-level” crimes during her time as Suffolk County District Attorney.


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Photo “Rachael Rollins” by Steve Guest. 




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