Angie Craig Takes Cue From Smith and Skips Debate

Democratic congressional candidate Angie Craig talks a big game when it comes to showing up for Minnesota voters, but the press is beginning to agree that she’s hard to “pin down.”

According to a recent press release, Craig’s final round of ads focuses on “her conversations with Second District families,” and her ability to work across the aisle with both “Republican and Independent voters over a beer.”

“It really shouldn’t matter if it’s a Democratic or Republican idea. If it’s a good idea, we ought to do it, like lowering the cost of health care,” Craig stated.

But when it came to discuss those ideas in a WCCO debate Tuesday morning, Craig seemingly backed out. Writing in Morning Take, Blois Olson noted that Craig’s campaign “had confirmed dates that would work, and then at 4 o’clock on a Friday afternoon a couple weeks back they backed out.”

“Campaigns all make strategic decisions, those are respected but in this campaign, it’s clear that the Craig campaign backed out,” Olson continued, revealing that Craig did not respond to to “multiple offers to host Craig for an interview this week.”

Incumbent Rep. Jason Lewis (R-MN-02) did still participate in the scheduled debate, using it as an opportunity to criticize his opponent for attempting to “hide her far-left views.”

“I’m joining Blois Olson in WCCO Radio for what was supposed to be the 4th debate in MN02. Unfortunately, my opponent Angie Craig pulled out of this debate in attempts to continue to hide her far-left views,” Lewis tweeted Tuesday morning.

In the aftermath of the debate turned interview, Lewis’ campaign humorously declared that “Jason wins again!”

“Sure, Jason Lewis was the only candidate who actually showed up after Angie Craig bailed, but the overall outcome was the same as we’ve seen in the last three debates: Jason Lewis succeeded in sharing his accomplishments in his first term and how he is going to continue to move this country forward,” Campaign Manager Becky Alery said in a press release.

“And Angie Craig failed to share where she stands. Literally. Because she didn’t even show up,” Alery added.

According to Olson, reporters agree that Craig has been “challenging to pin down for interviews,” a sentiment that was repeatedly expressed during a recent panel of local reporters. Several reporters apparently “were met with long waits” when attempting to reach Craig for comment.

Sen. Tina Smith (D-MN) faced similar criticisms after she didn’t show up to KSTP’s recent debates broadcast live throughout the state. Instead, her opponent, Republican Karin Housley was interviewed live next to an empty podium where Smith would’ve appeared.

According to FiveThirtyEight, Minnesota’s Second Congressional District leans “likely Democrat,” with Craig leading Lewis 53 percent to 46 percent.

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