Commentary: Grab the Popcorn and Watch as Piers Morgan Battles Transgenderism Run Amok on Live Television

Should Piers Morgan be fired for his view on gender?

The BBC recently endorsed an apparatus to support more than two gender identities. Piers Morgan highlighted this decision in an interview with gay journalist Benjamin Butterworth during which the former expressed frustration with the conversation, saying:

I feel insulted and offended that you’re calling me a ‘cis-man’ when I’m actually a man.

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Questions Raised About Bernie’s History of Not Paying Security Bills After Minneapolis Rally

Questions were raised Monday morning about the public safety costs related to Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) rally at the University of Minnesota Sunday night. The speculation comes after Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey engaged in a Twitter spat with President Donald Trump about security fees ahead of the president’s rally in Minnesota last month.

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