Paul’s Annual Report Details More Than $54B in Wasteful Federal Government Spending

Congress “spent as never before, doing so ostensibly without a care” in 2020, greatly contributing to what is now a $3.1 trillion deficit, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, argues in his annual wasteful spending report.

At the same time, initial 15-day lockdowns to stop the spread of the coronavirus turned into nearly year-long lockdowns, Paul said, “wreaking havoc on Americans’ health, sanity, and economy, while also empowering petty tyrants across the country.”

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Commentary: Nine Wasteful Programs from Massive Spending Bill That Can, and Should, Be Reversed

President Donald Trump is right: There’s a lot of ridiculous gimmicks and wasteful projects in the new massive spending bill.

And the good news is there’s something that Trump can do about it, even though he recently signed the huge COVID-19 stimulus and omnibus spending bill into law. 

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Commentary: Embrace Fiscal Responsibility, Not Tax Cuts, in 2020

As Democratic presidential candidates stumble over one another in a headlong rush towards socialism and fiscal insanity—promising trillions in new spending on everything from child care, health care, and higher education for all, to “the Green New Deal” and slavery reparations—President Trump faces a critical choice.

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Commentary: What Game of Thrones Teaches Us about Government Spending and Crazy Tax Schemes

by Jonathan Miltimore   I thought it was a joke when I saw a headline stating that Gavin Newsom, California’s new governor, was proposing a tax on drinking water. Surely this was a clever bit of satire penned by someone at The Babylon Bee or The Onion. Alas, the proposal is…

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EXCLUSIVE Charlie Kirk Commentary: Five Crazy Things the Government Pays for Other Than Border Security

by Charlie Kirk   Democrats want you to think they’ve finally discovered a sense of fiscal responsibility in response to President Trump’s request for $5.7 billion to fund construction of the border wall. That’s preposterous. The same party that is even now pursuing multi-trillion boondoggles such as “Medicare for All”…

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